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Today we talk about airports because the flights make our life easier, help to get from point A to point B. Many of us do not imagine a journey without planes and airports or flightaware flight tracker that you can check here. Our article bases on the Skytrax research, which specializes in the study of the quality of aviation services, publishes, among other things, its certified airports worldwide each year. Almost 14 million questionnaires were filled by air travelers from a hundred different countries.

They evaluated the airports on 39 criteria: from the cleanliness of the toilets and the transport accessibility of an airport to a variety of shopping and friendly staff.

The 10th place Rhine-Main Airport (Frankfurt)

The 10th place Rhine-Main Airport (Frankfurt)
The airport was one of the first who begins to use the automatic baggage sorting system. It has two large terminals and one small for VIP.From the first terminal to the second one you can get on a monorail road inside the Skyline building or a free shuttle bus departing every ten minutes from the parking lot.

The 9th place Kloten Airport (Zurich)

The 9th place Kloten Airport (Zurich)
After the completion of the general large-scale reconstruction in 2003, Zurich Airport is consistently among the top ten airports in the world. It is noteworthy for its system of underground movement of passengers.

Last year the airport claimed the World Travel Awards. The international jury named Zurich-Kloten airport the best in Europe, and the main air carrier Swiss the leading European airline.

The 8th place Heathrow Airport (London)

Heathrow Airport (London)
Being the busiest airport in Europe, Heathrow serves more than 90 airlines and 67 million passengers annually. London airport “Heathrow” a year ago took 11th place in the Skytrax ranking, and now he can enter to the top ten.In addition to the 10th position in the top of the best, “Heathrow” became the winner in the nominations “Best Stores” and “Best Terminal” here was especially marked Terminal T5.

The 7th place Chubu Centrair International Airport (Japan)

Located on an artificial island, the airport Chubu connects with the Tokoname city by a bridge with a length of 1.3 km. Passengers can pass the time in a four-story shopping center, in numerous cafes or a Japanese bath.

The airport inherits a universal design in everything that is manifested, for example, in arranging halls of arrival and departure on different floors (arrival hall on the second floor, departure hall on the third floor) to reduce the vertical movement of people. The structures themselves are compact to shorten the distance that needs to pass, which increases usability.

The 6th place Airport München Franz Josef Strauß

Airport München Franz Josef Strauß
In terms of the number of passengers served annually in Germany, Munich Airport is second. However, for the convenience of service, Munich bypasses its German counterpart Frankfurt Airport, which is the ranking takes 10th place.Perhaps the reason for this brewery, located on the airport in Munich.

The 5th place Doha Hamad International Airport (Qatar)

Hamad International Airport. It is the hub for national carrier Qatar Airways and the international airport.
The main theme in the design is an oasis in the desert: many buildings have water motifs, wavy roofs, and evergreen gardens.

The airspace complex includes two runways that can be used independently of each other. One is the longest in the region, 4.9 km, the second 4.3 km.

Infrastructure meets high expectations: smoking rooms (smoking is prohibited even an electronic cigarettes), ATMs, currency exchange, prayer rooms (separately for men and women), two medical centers, family toilet rooms, mother and child rooms, access to MAC-stations, etc. Now the construction of the third terminal required for the World Cup 2022, which will be held in Qatar.

The 4th place Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport
The airport of Hong Kong looks terrific from a bird’s eye view, because it is located on an artificial island. But not only for that’s passengers love him. An ideal design that will allow you to get to any place of the airport easily, and an efficient infrastructure leads it to the fourth place among the best airports in the world. The annual number of passengers passing through this airport is 59.6 million people. This is the busiest airport in Asia, and it is especially liked and distinguished by tourists from all over the world. Tired travelers can sleep in the recreation area, and comfortable chairs, in which even basketball players will fit, are completely free.

The 3rd place Tokyo International Airport Haneda

Tokyo International Airport
The annual number of passengers at this airport is 68.9 million.

Haneda is one of two major international airports serving Tokyo.Located a few kilometers from the center of the Japanese capital, Haneda has established itself as a popular airport for business people and tourists. Haneda is the fifth busiest airport in the world, known for its efficient service, cleanliness and shopping. For travelers, there is Wi-Fi, as well as computers, if someone travels without a laptop.

The 2nd place Incheon Airport in South Korea

Airport in South Korea
Seoul International Airport is quite young, but despite this, it already ranked second in the Skytrax ranking. Its construction was completed in 2001.The modern and large Incheon airport with a stylish interior has a unique infrastructure: a museum of Korean culture, winter gardens, a skating rink, a chimchilban (Korean bath), various shops, cafes, lounges.

The annual number of passengers is 41.7 million. This airport offers a wide range of services at affordable prices for people waiting to fly.There is even a museum on the territory of Incheon!

The 1st place Singapore International Airport Changi

Singapore International Airport Changi
The annual number of passengers at this airport was 53.7 million. It is also important that this airport has been holding the championship for more than a year.

Since its opening in 1981, the airport has become one of the most exemplary in the world, having received about three hundred awards during its existence. Changi was nominated by passengers thanks to its beautiful architecture, excellent staff work, as well as a wide range of shopping and dining opportunities.The airport offers a rooftop pool, a huge digital tree, winter greenhouses, a garden with thousands of butterflies, as well as a museum, a cinema and much more.