Having a swimming pool in a home is one of the biggest investment that a homeowner can do. Swimming pools come in handy when you want to relax over the weekend or swim together as a family. There are so many designs of pools that you can choose from, e.g., the fiberglass pool design, vinyl pool design, etc. If you want to install a swimming pool in your home but have no idea on the design that you want, well, this article is going to help you choose a design that is best for you.

The following are pool designs for 2019.

  • A pool with a view

Since swimming is a way of relaxing, there is no other way of relaxing with a view to look at. If possible, you should design your pool in a way that it takes advantage of views. Pool ladders or steps on each side of the pool can lead to a raised lounging area allowing you and your guests to enjoy the stunning vistas that surround the pool.

  • Zero-Edge pool

The pool is a four-sized zero-edge pool. It makes a dramatic statement. The entire exterior of the pool is surrounded by selected glass tiles to enhance the visual effects of the zero-edge design.

  • Backyard vacation

This pool has the features that makes it turn from a backyard into a resort. The pool has a custom-built gazebo with built-in barbeque, refrigerator, sink, and a granite-topped bar and seating are the extra features that turn the pool area into an oasis. This pool is definitely a must-try for every homeowner.

  • Cool pool features

This pool is cool just as the name suggests. It has an attached stone wall with water spouts and adjacent outdoor living room. A fireplace also compliments the curved lines of this nature-inspired pool. The stones used for the fireplace ties the two spaces together. Do not forget about installing hands-free pool options to save time and money on pool cleaning.

  • Recessed lounge area

You may have guests who prefer to stay dry and not swim. This pool design is the best option for this idea. This unique pool features a recessed seating area ‘inside’ the pool so that everybody can relax on the pool.

  • Rock-star retreat

The good thing when it comes to swimming pools is that you can choose any design that matches your personality. You can choose a unique shape. This pool design is suitable for a homeowner who likes to play and collect bass guitars.

  • Serene surroundings

When it comes to choosing a pool design, you can also get inspired by nature or surrounding. A natural rock waterfall and an elevated pedestal spa are at the opposite ends of this lagoon-style pool.

  • Infinity pool

This classic negative-edge pool allows homeowners to enjoy stunning views. The negative edge that is curved spans across the entire back of the pool.

  • Lengthy design

The pool has curved ends and low-maintenance deck that surrounds the long and linear area adding visual interest to the pool area. When the straight lines and curved lines are combined, they provide a balanced look.

  • Nighttime appeal

This kind of pool design is ideal for an evening ambience. Pentair LED multicolored lights enhance the nighttime feel and attached patio features a full stone fireplace.