Luxurious Bathrooms

Not long ago, the bathroom was a room that you quickly went in and out of. Today, it’s viewed as one of the spaces we love the most in our homes; a place where we can take time for ourselves and relax.

Many homeowners are now building what we like to call “modern and luxurious bathrooms”; sanctuaries where you can lay back and relax. Marbled wall panels, water saving toilets, luxurious shower enclosures, fog-free mirrors are all part of new bathroom trends, and are all in high demand. Some bathrooms are even becoming some of the most beautiful rooms in a home. Here are some luxurious bathroom ideas.

Small changes in a bathroom can significantly improve one’s quality of life. Sometimes, you just need to replace the ceramic and add some lively colors in the bathroom. Changing the tiles, adding a beautiful shower with a cabin, choosing a sink with a unique shape, these are ordinary things that come to mind when we think of remodeling our bathrooms.

1. Luxurious bathroom style codes

Luxurious bathroom style codes
When analyzing modern bathrooms, the main distinguishing features compared to standard ones are usually the size and use of the space, the use of superior materials, designer furniture and the higher intake of natural light. In addition, there may be other factors such as having a bathroom that overviews a terrace, the sea or nature. The decorating styles also differ depending on whether one adopts a “luxurious” or “extravagant” style, or a balanced, elegant, functional and minimalist design.

An ideal bathroom is one where you can store your products and, in addition to being optimal for your daily use, remains a place of pampering and relaxation; a safe haven where you can take care of yourself. If there is one room in your home that deserves to be comfortable and where quality prevails, it’s definitely your bathroom.

2. Marble furnishing

Marble furnishing
Marble or even waxed concrete, whether on the floor or as a wall covering, remains timeless and a standard for luxury bathrooms. If your feet touch onto a cold floor after a shower, you can always have heated flooring installed. Even your furnishing can benefit from the marble look – from the tub to the sink. But beware not to overwhelm the eyes, you’ll most likely have to choose between the floor or the wall covering. Not everything can be marble.

3. Clean designs

Clean designs
If you do not want to be overwhelmed by a luxurious bathroom, opt for a simple and clean one. Pick optimized storage, so your products aren’t displayed. For a contemporary look, try to pick solid colors, with clean lines. Simple pieces of furniture with subtle curves always do the trick.

4. Bathtub choice

Bathtub choice
One can’t compromise quality. Picking quality materials is essential for your bathroom. For a bathtub or shower installation, we advise you to seek help from a professional.

5. Black designs

Black designs
Say goodbye to standard white walls, black bathrooms are becoming a trend. Other colors such as dark grey or even dark brick walls are also becoming a thing. The reason for this is that the ambiance these colors create is manly and sober – which appeals to certain tastes.

6. Wood furnishing

Wood furnishing
You can also opt for very dark wood for the floor and cabinets, which contrasts nicely with white walls. Round mirrors are usually perfect for softening the sometimes harsher edges of these bathrooms. If going with a dark shower room, lighting becomes critical. Keep your lighting bright to compensate.

7. Freestanding bathtub

Freestanding bathtub
Of course, a bathtub is not crucial when you have a shower. But, if your goal is to have one of the most comfortable bathrooms, you can indulge with a freestanding bathtub. With the right space, you can place it in the center of your bathroom, behind a large window or even in your room if there is an open space.

8. Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers
Walk-in showers are also a new trend! Whether partially or entirely open, they bring a luxurious and modern look to bathrooms.

9. Large bathtubs

Large bathtubs
Large bathtubs are also popular for modern bathroom projects. Here, the bath is custom built to fit three people, and there are no less than ten shower heads in the shower, and a sophisticated sink with unique taps.

10. Smart bathroom

Smart bathroom
Technology also plays a role in modern bathroom renovations. Some toilets are known as “sensitive,” and can tell whether one would need the seat to be up or down. Having a comfortable bathroom also comes down to picking the right products for the right space.

Luxury, elegance and sophistication, all these words best describe modern bathrooms. Take a look at the models, and you might find ideas on how to decorate your dream bathroom in your home.