No matter what your new magazine cover says or what you see in the fashion shows, not all women want to lose weight. Some want to gain multiple pounds. Being super skinny is not a healthy living anyway. Having your weight below the standard scale is as dangerous as weighing the scale. I have seen so many women struggling with their weights. Most of them are starving themselves to lose weight, but to your surprise, some are struggling to put on some. Especially the ones who have a fast metabolism, it gets tough to put on weight even when you are eating a couple of meals per day.

Here are some tips for these struggling souls, this will help you out.

• Exercising regularly

It is a common misinterpretation only to hit the gym when you are trying to lose weight. The reality is you need to join the gym when you are trying to live healthier. Every day you should burn the toxic fats and your heart to beat a little faster so that you can avoid any disease. Sure, the type of exercises could be different. If you are trying to gain weight you need to choose the routine, where you utilize more muscle movement and joints. Exercises include squats, lunges, deadlifts, cleans, burpees, walking lunges, and plyometric moves like jump squats and box jumps. If you are worrying that you need to buy a proper gym membership, don’t worry, you can perform all these exercises efficiently at home. There is no need for purchasing heavy weights or machinery.

• Don’t be scared to lift heavy weights

Our society has made some useless normal, and one of them is that” women should not lift heavy weight.” While there is absolutely no logical reason to do so, it’s just how people like to think. But if you want something you never had before, do something that you have never done before. Do you want more muscles? This call for some heavy weight lifting. When you put stress on your body, your body will start producing testosterone, which will help in making more muscles.

• Take help from protein shakes

The first thing to note is that take good care of your diet. Take your carbs. Eat your carbohydrates in the morning and after workout. It is better to take liquid carbohydrates and protein. Your body has a close window post workout; you need to recover your muscles as fast as you can. There are many types of proteins shakes, but the best protein powders for women are:

• Whey Protein
• Pea Protein
• Egg White Protein
• Hemp Protein
• Brown Rice Protein
• Get enough sleep

The secret to a healthy life is in having full, 8 hours of sleep every day. Either you are trying to lose weight, or you want to gain weight, having a proper rest will help. Having less sleep can lead up to depression, which might be a cog in your weight gain journey.