Planning a long-awaited trip is always exciting! If you want to enjoy the next trip with your loved ones, make sure to have a detailed plan.

There is no need to crack your head in order to prepare for your desired vacation. That’s what you can do to avoid unpleasant surprises while travelling:

Stay connected

Make sure to let your friends and relatives know where you are going for a vacation (so that they know where to find you just in case). It’s the first thing you should do if you plan to hitchhike or go hiking.

Besides Google maps, you should also take a real map. You will thank yourself once your phone battery dies at the worst possible time.

Plan activities

Take your time to make a list of things you want to do during your vacation. Make sure to leave some time for ‘being lazy’.

Prepare necessary documents

In case you travel abroad, you should definitely prepare a package of necessary documents. Also, get in touch with your medical insurance provider to learn whether you can receive help in case of emergency. If not, consider buying travel insurance.

Protect yourself from scams

Tourists are easy prey – they don’t speak the local language, and they have no idea what can be considered a reasonable price. Needless to say, shady people like taking advantage of it!

Read more about the most common scams in the country of your destination. Also, ask the locals about the prices so that you will not overpay for hotels and meals.

Here is what you need to know before going on vacation, according to BuyFakeUrine: