Whether you are a hobbyist, a professional welder, or a novice welder, one of the most important elements and aspects of welding is to have the best welding helmets for hobbyists. The best protective equipment for yourself is more important than even the type of machine which you are using. Your eyes and face, are very important to your hobby or career, and also your life.

The welding process no matter which welding method or type of gas you are using requires that you use a welding helmet. If you are a hobby welder, someone who only does the occasional DIY weld repair, you will require to choose one of the best welding helmet for hobbyists. No matter how much or how little welding you are going to engage in, it is important that you have welding helmet as part of your gear for safety. So how do you know that a helmet is going to be the best for you? Below are some of the considerations that you will have to follow.

  • Current Standards: It could be that you inherited an old helmet from your father who used to be a welder some times back. The problem of using such a helmet is that it will not be up to the ANSI current safety standards. For a helmet to be able to meet this particular standards, it has to pass through testing which is independent to show it can be able to survive an impact which is of high velocity from objects which are flying, provides ultra violet protection 100%, and infrared filtering irrespective of the setting of shades, and at the same time, meets the switching speeds which have been advertised and dark shades in temperature as high as 131 degrees farenheit and as low as 23 degrees farenheit.
  • The Lens Which Is Passive: The lens which you will find on a helmet is what protects your eyes from the hot, bright arc. Without having the lens, your eyes might end up burning and in the process, be damaged permanently. The lenses of the shades are measured by a system number and it ranges between number 8 and number 13.

The passive lens helmets are the cheapest and they are normally a fixed shade and most of the time, they are a number 10. The design it has is what comes into people’s minds when they think of welding Helmet. You wear the helmet up until you have been able to position whatever tool you are welding with, then go ahead and snap the neck to be able to bring it down when you are welding.

If you are a newbie in welding or you are inexperienced due to the fact that you weld occasionally, the price of a lens which is passive might be attractive to you. However, you should know that, they are not the best choice for people who are beginning due to the fact that, they lack variability in the shade of the lens meaning that, it will not be easy for you to see what you are trying to weld.