If you’ve ever had a showcase cupboard in your home, you may have noticed there’s an actual unique way that you can have your items neatly put in your display case so that it can attract people’s attention, and captivate your “audience” so that they can see your special collection of figurines, fine china, or family heirlooms. In this guide, we’re going to give you some quick tips that can greatly help the visibility of your show case.

Picture it Ahead of Time

You want to know that what you are actually showcasing in your display case is as equally important as how you’re going to display the items. As a matter of fact, these two factors go hand in hand. For example, if you’re a collector of action figures for example, you need to consider whether you want them displayed standing, whether you want to keep them in their case, etc. If you’re a porcelain doll collector, you should consider how you want them to be standing, usually with the tallest items in the back, and the smaller ones in the front.

Organize by Type or Brand

When you’re trying to showcase your items, you want items to match next to each other. Even if you have multiple shelves, you want all of the items on one shelf, or at least one half of the shelf (with a space between to separate brands and styles). The next shelf up will be something different, and so on. This way, not only do you keep it organized so it’s easier for you to keep tabs on everything, but it’ll also make sure that you know that when someone asks what it is, you can tell them easier.

Invest in Labels and Other Organizers

When you’re trying to do your best to organize items, you may want to have the proper storage set up. With that being said, you also want to do everything you can to possibly label everything properly. They don’t have to be huge labels that take away from the quality of your shelf, but being able to identify where something should go can definitely help.

Create a Map

You can actually use numerous software programs, along with the diagram of your display case in order to map out where you feel everything should be. Do it carefully, and you can end up with a blueprint for a successful layout that will make your vitrine konfigurieren a one of a kind display.


If you’re wanting to get custom cabinetry made so you can display your collectibles, one place to look for them is online. Using a smart wizard feature on a custom furniture maker’s website is probably the way you want to go, but you want to choose the right display case for your home’s décor as well.

Otherwise, you can always have something extravagant displayed in something beautifully detailed as well (like fine china in an intricately designed China cabinet, even though the rest of the home may not follow the case’s design).