It’s Wintertime again, and here in America, you know how that goes. Snow can literally cover everything, making it a tough competitor to win against when you have to continue to live your life. Fortunately, snow removal services like Frontier Lawns can help when it comes to clearing out your driveways, roadways, and more. Many offer both home and commercial services, because everybody can’t just stop their normal routines simply because Mother Nature isn’t on their side. But how do you hire a snow removal service? What should you look for? We’re going to cover that in this guide so you can get the best service possible.

Do they Have a Reputation?

This is something you want to ask about to other people in your area. Anyone can just slap a blade plow on a pickup truck and say they offer services, but only the best ones actually have a solid reputation in your area.

Are they Local?

When winter hits, it’s just like any other natural disaster. Blizzards can bring people buzzing in charging high dollar amounts from other states (and even some very serious undercutters) trying their hardest to get a “gig”. However, you want to avoid this, and realize that the best snow removal companies that offer winter landscaping can give you the best service if they’re local. They’re easier to get along with, easier to get ahold of, and you can almost guarantee that they know what they’ve been doing.

What About Payment Options?

This is something you definitely want to ask when you get ready to hire the snow removal company. Snow removal services can have ongoing contracts, or you can choose one-time payments. You also want to know if they get paid by the hour, or by the project, as this can vary as well.

Do They Offer Other Services?

Some snow removal services offer more than just using trucks to plow your roadways and driveways. The best services offer additional extras, such as hedge trimming, winter landscaping services, lawn protection, and they can even clear your sidewalks and help you weatherize the outside of your home using top of the line technology and equipment.

Don’t Sign Anything Just Yet

Make sure that when you hire a snow removal service, the main thing you want to know is that they have insurance. Accidents can happen, and winter doesn’t play around. This means you want them to at least have liability insurance to protect themselves, as well as you from being liable for any accidents or problems that may occur (including damages to your property). This also ensures that they take pride in their work, and can give you excellent quality.

Conclusion: Be Safe Yourself

Make sure you get a draft of everything in writing before you agree to pay or sign anything. You want the payment options, proof of insurance, certain things they may have like contractor’s license information, how they will move the snow, how many times they’ll do it, if it’s based on accumulation, and more.