Are you a company that wants to take photographs for its internal or external communication media? Today, whether on paper or on the web, images are paramount. They attract the eye and are mostly more talking than written content.

Quality photographs made by a professional are essential to creating team building, value your products, your brand image to your employees, your customers and prospects. However, making a call to a corporate photographer assumes an entire organization not to be underestimated.

1. Difficulties to find the right photographer:

Finding a professional photographer is a compelling task that requires organization in addition to a lengthy research work upstream. Several points are to be checked if you want to be accompanied by a photographer able to make beautiful pictures of professional portraits or event videos at the height of your ambitions, here they are:

2. Take care of the photographer’s experience

Photography is not necessarily learned in a school or in books, the secret lies in practice. Thus, it is necessary to choose a photographer with years of experience in his field because his work will necessarily be more likely to meet your needs than a novice.

3. Find a photographer who has a sense of listening

A good professional photographer is also a person who understands the direction in which you want to go. It is essential that the photographer seems to listen to you and be ready to respect your guidelines so as to meet your needs and make the most of your assets.

4. Check the material available to him

Photo material greatly facilitates the adaptation of the photographer on demand and is a guarantee of quality. Be careful, here the goal is not to appeal to the photographer who will have the most cameras and lenses at his disposal, but to check with him that his equipment allows him to respond appropriately to all your requests.

5. Ask about the delay of retouching photos

We often forget that the work of the professional photographer is not limited to shooting. Most of the work is a posteriori report. Photographers spend a lot of time retouching photos for a more qualitative result and harmony between shots. The retouch time is an important issue to discuss with your prospective photographer to check that it matches your deadlines.

6. Compare the price of the service

The question of the cost of the service is more complex because it varies enormously depending on the characteristics of the service and your application. The price of an order can very quickly rise to several thousand euros depending on the experience of the photographer, the duration of the shoot and the number of shots

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