After a certain point, a business needs a dedicated office space. Things can’t stay in a basement or garage forever. The office space serves to bring all employees in the same building to work toward shared goals, as well as function as a place to hold meetings and store important documents. Choosing an office space is a big task. Typically, leases are signed for a minimum of one year, so if you don’t choose wisely, you’ll be stuck with a dud until the lease expires. Properly chosen office space will function to increase employee morale and smooth along any processes associated with the business.

Here’s what you need to have in mind:

Location, location, location

The location of your space should be convenient for both your employees and the clients you plan to serve. Make sure the space is visible and easy to navigate. If you know ahead of time where your team members tend to cluster around, it can be a smart idea to choose a location everyone can commute to easily. Think about how your business functions and the extras that are essential to you. If you handle a high volume of people going in and out, a parking space will be of extreme importance. Once you’ve figured out what areas you’d like to find a lease in, you can move on to the next steps of finding an office space.

Is it compatible with the company culture?

Every office environment has some kind of culture surrounding it. Silicon Valley startups are notorious for their laid-back attitudes, while big firms in New York City tend to take on a more corporate approach. Consider your location as well as the tastes of your employees. An office space in Tulsa can take advantage of more different amenities than an office space in Oklahoma City proper, for instance. Simple things like being close to the water or near certain restaurants can end up being a big deal if they’re compatible with the company culture.

Check the cost

Having a dedicated office space, when you didn’t before, means a few new major expenses are coming your way that you have to account for. A rent cost that’s too expensive can constrain your growth by taking monetary resources away from more pertinent concerns that directly affect your work. Understand the cost and how you’ll be able to cover it. If you depend on reserves of liquid funds consistently, finding a more inexpensive lease option is highly recommended.


Office space should be just as carefully curated and unique as the business that it serves. Don’t treat finding the right space like figuring out the cheapest place with four walls and a roof. Remember you and your employees will be working there day in and day out to move forward as a business. The space you occupy should contribute to an atmosphere of low stress, high productivity, and continued growth. As long as you don’t make any rash decisions, your office space will be a living, breathing part of the company.