Thinking of the best shop to have your first tattoo? There are many tattoo shops around, but entrusting them should not be done too easily. A tattoo will last a mark on your body forever hence it is only right that you choose a shop/artist to get it done as careful as possible.

  • Where To Get Inked

To help you get started, below are tips finding the right shop to trust for your tattoo, whether it is your first or you already have a few:

  • Prioritize sanitation and cleanliness

One of the first things you must consider when looking for a shop to have your tattoo done is sanitation and cleanliness. Tattoo may cause infection if needles used are not properly sanitized.
Ask their artists on how they clean their tools, and you have to make sure that they change needles every after session.

Note: When you get into the shop observe the room, are there dusts around? Is their comfort room clean? If no, you better go somewhere else. If they do not know how to clean obvious spaces how much more the tools they use to perform tattoo.

  • Ask for photos of their previous work

Of course, you are asking for samples not to copy others tattoo but to see how critical, clean and detailed they are with their work of art. All Day Tattoo Studio is showing off their art work not only when you visit their shop, but when you check on their website.

The more photos with the same subject as yours is best, like when you want a portrait of your loved one, ask for samples of their work with the same subject as that.

  • Get references

Ask the shop for references. This is the best way for you to set your experience expectations. When you call references, make sure to introduce yourself immediately so they will not feel doubtful and suspicious.

Questions to ask must be relevant to their tattoo experience, nothing else, such as:

  • Is their tattoo done as discussed?
  • Did they experience infection during or after tattoo?
  • Did they get the tattoo exactly as how they want it?
  • Are their calls or inquiries entertained immediately?
  • Did they experience any issues? If so, were they attended right and soon?
  • Is the artist assigned to them professional? Arriving as scheduled and the like?

Do not ask questions that are too personal as that will make them feel uncomfortable and end up putting the phone down.

Note: If the tattoo artist/shop declines to provide you with reference, you better go to your next option.

Another important thing to do when looking for a tattoo shop is checking on their website. There are many information you can get when doing so. Tattoo sites like will let you see not only samples of their work but also client reviews, portfolio of their artists and more. The information you can get from their websites can help you kick off choosing the best shop/artist to trust.