It is tough to say what is better — to receive some ideas on your research paper from your professor, or to be entirely in charge of those ideas yourself. For those who find themselves stuck with writing a research paper on any topic, we have come up with some ways to generate creative ideas. Even if one of the ideas seem too obvious or too simple, don’t refuse trying it, you can surprise yourself.

Brainstorm the Worst Ideas

This method is called “reverse brainstorming” in business. Basically, you should come up with the worst ideas concerning the particular issue. Think of your topic and think of things you should never write or research within the given theme. Write them down. Don’t limit yourself to the most obvious ones, be creative. No one will ever see your draft with the worst ideas. Now, when you are done, read it, and try to find reverse ideas to each point. Write them down too. Later, group the ideas with similar characteristics, for example, “ideas related to the methodology,” “ideas related to the problem statement,” etc. It can sound rather silly right now, but once you get started, you will see how your brain starts working on producing valuable ideas and giving you some working hints.

Steal Like an Artist

The entire academic world is based on borrowing someone else’s ideas and later paraphrasing and developing them. To come up with your own ideas you should know precisely what has been done in this field before you and what is in the development right now. Look for newsletters related to your topic and sign up, find related works and read them making notes. Not to drown in those notes, make a simple rule — 3 ideas about formatting, 3 ideas about methodology, 3 ideas directly related to the topic of study, 3 abstract ideas (anything that comes to your mind while you are reading the article or someone else’s research paper). With this structure, you will be able to structure ideas in the most efficient ways and analyze them fast. Don’t hesitate using the ideas you get from others — we all do it, and it is normal. If you are completely out of ideas and out of time, you can contact a research paper writing service online and let an expert be creative for you.

Give an Imaginary Interview

Imagine, that you are a known scientist asked to give an interview on his achievements. You are asked about this research paper, you need to tell in detail, how you came up with the ideas for it, which twists you’ve found the most interesting, etc. Talk aloud, don’t afraid to look stupid or insane. Imagine that this research paper is a crucial milestone in your imaginary scientific career and enjoy telling in detail about it. While talking, you will be surprised to realize, you come up with new creative ideas, you will find fresh arguments, etc. Write them down, or better record your talk like a real “interview.” Of course, this method will work only if you have some sense of humor and don’t take everything too seriously, because this recording will sound truly funny. Funny but efficient.

Extra Tips on Boosting Your Creativity

  • Have some fresh air. The excessive amount of CO2 significantly reduces your creativity and cognitive abilities. Make a short walk or at least open windows and breathe.
  • Meditate. Meditation helps you to calm down your thoughts and anxiety. Just sit still, close your eyes, breathe and count your breaths up to 10, and then start from 1 again. Your mind will float, so when you catch a thought, just accept it, and send it away. Even 10 minutes are enough to get into more creative mode.
  • Reduce junk food in your diet. Junk food is full of additional materials which boost your sugar level and increase anxiety. You feel better 5 minutes after eating them, but in 20 minutes you are out of energy and need more “fuel.” Add fruits and vegetables to your nutrition plan, and the thinking process will be much easier, trust us.
  • Be more active. To be more creative and to think faster, to strengthen your willpower you need to increase the variability of your heart rate. Even 10 minutes of physical activity per day will help you with it.

Use these tips and stay on a creative side!