They are beautiful and are often featured in many television shows, magazines, and you might have seen them in your boss’s house. Of course, they are the RUGS!

Rugs add luxury and elegance to any dreaded room and instantly enhance the aesthetic of the place. They add color, warmth and bring a feel-good factor under the foot.

But one thing you don’t know about these good-looking, soft rugs is that they can be a PAIN!


But before you jump to its cleaning methods, know which type of rug do you have?

Is it a pile rug?

Pile rugs are one of the most popular choices among residents. They are perfect for carpeting houses that have a lot of traffic.

Usually, flat rugs have short piles, and the shad rugs have long piles. If you want to have a pile rug for your home, make sure to look its height as it varies from medium to low to plush and small.

Also note, the thicker one is not the better one, so consider the shorter pile one as it is easy to clean and maintain.

Flat Weave Rugs:

If you have allergies, these rugs are perfect for you as they require low maintained and are easy to handle. The flat surface and delicate texture of these rugs makes cleaning and wiping spills easier.

Unlike high mats, they don’t stack dust and debris and are thus easy to keep. This further means that your expensive yet premium quality robot vacuum will clean this rug in minutes.

Due to its flat surface, it also makes an excellent choice to let kids play on them.

Natural Fiber Rug:

Want to add warmth to the room? How about incorporating all natural fiber rugs?

Since they are made from plant-based materials like jute and sisal, they are beautiful and eco-friendly. However, they need extra care and can get damaged by splits. Just like any other carpet, it can be cleaned with vacuuming technique. Also, to maintain its life, look and color, treat spots and stains instantly using a natural solution.

Keep in mind that this rug should be rotated on a regular basis to avoid any uneven wear and tear. If you have purchased a high-fiber carpet, call a professional to maintain its life.

Oriental Rugs:

Have you seen the elegant and delicate looking rugs in movies? Yes, those are oriented rugs!

They are not only quite appealing but are also made of delicate fibers. Although regular vacuuming will remove dust and debris from it, this kind of rugs should be cleaned from a professional. Professionals, with proper equipment and natural cleaning agents, will clean the carpet to give it a new appeal.

Now that you know which kind of rug do you have, have a look at DIYs that you can regularly use to clean:


While a carpet should be cleaned from the top, the carpet should be wiped from both sides. Start by vacuuming the top of the rug moving to the other side. Keep in mind to not clean the bindings and fringes as this may hamper the look of the carpet.

Clean stains:

Clean stains individually! Also, make sure to look for the carpet material and the stain type before cleaning. For more specific stain like:

  • Water-soluble stain:Use a natural and simple solution of non-bleaching detergent mixed in water.
  • Blood, coffee, mustard or tea stain: Mix one tablespoon of ammonia with one cup of water.
  • Fat, oil or Wax: Use a paper towel on the carpet and iron the surface. The wax will automatically come up and will stick to the paper.
  • Cigarette burns: Gently rub the surface with the edge of any hard surface. You can use a dull knife or blunt surface to remove the stain.
  • Glue stains: Simply moist the cotton and rub alcohol on it. Rub the surface or press the affected area. Once the stain gets moistened, gently wipe the surface and repeat the step until the entire carpet gets cleaned.
  • Gum or wax stain: Time to use some ice: place some ice on the infected surface and let the stain soak. Use a blunt knife or spoon and shatter the stain. Vacuum till the gum become soft, and blot the rug with a wet towel.
  • Nail polish stain: Use nail polish remover to remove the stain. Just put some remover on the stain and let it sit. Once it is soaked, wipe it with a cotton or towel.

Deep Cleaning:

Once in a month, your rug needs a deep cleaning. While you can use the washing machine for small woven or braided carpet, others need steam cleaning. Just read the label before plunging for the cloth and detergent.

*Note: if you are cleaning at home, first test a little area to see how the detergent reacts on the material.

So why waiting, get the cleaning supplies and do some cleaning this weekend!