Seoul is the capital of South Korea and famous for its cultural aspects and bustling markets. If you are ever going to visit South Korea, here are the five places that you must visit in Seoul. There are different parks and historical buildings. Gyeongbokgung is a famous place in Seoul, which contains more than 7000 rooms. Similarly, we are going to see more authentic and charming areas in Seoul.

1: Gyeongbokgung Palace

It is famous because of the first royal palace in South Korea. It represents the Korean culture and the great history of the castle. It is located on the artificial island, and you can consider this area in the northern regions of South Korea. The palace has a beautiful lake with three stone bridges.

2: Namdaemun Market

The oldest market in Korea since 1414 during the era of King Taejong. Since then, this place is famous for the trading of different items through Korea. It includes grains, fish, fruit, and other food items. In the streets of the markets, transports like car are not prevalence. The market is nearest to the Seoul metropolitan station and accessible for the public to get there and do trading.

All around the world, different people came to this market, and most of Singapore to Seoul flights stay here for shopping and enjoy the
Namdaemun market and different Seoul places.

Some part of the market is outside, and most of the stores are in the mid of the market where anyone can buy the items like clothes at reasonable prices.

3: Korea Furniture Museum

The museum is famous for its traditional pieces of art and culture. It has more than 2000 pieces of furniture. They don’t allow anyone to visit the furniture museum. You need to make proper reservations. Tourists only allowed to stay for one hour in this museum.

4: Bukchon Hanok Village

The beautiful village in Seoul, no doubt. The village is located on the hill between Gyeongbok Palace and Jongmyo Royal. When you go there, you will feel the old environment, and it looks of 600 years back. According to many tourists, Bukchon is the 4th favorite place in Seoul, South Korea.

If you want to stay in Seoul hotels, then Bukchon hanok village is a place, you will get many hotels around and in the town. Easy to stay for many days. Moreover, you can also visit different restaurants near 600 years old urban village.

5: Bongeunsa Temple

The Buddhist temple located in Seoul, South Korea. The temple was founded in 784 at the time of King Wonseong. The original name of this temple is “Gyeonseongsa.”

For tourists, they can live the life of a monk for a few days. They have a program named “Temple stay program.” It helps you to lead monk life. There are many vegetarian restaurants. It is a great way to learn the Buddhists culture, experiences, and food. Most of the traditional cultures are linked with the temples. Bowwu is the famous bowl of rice eaten by the monk in the temple. It is known as the

Buddhist temple offering meal, and it contains a good quantity of rice.
Let us know if you ever visited Seoul, South Korea. How was your experience? If you are planning to go there, don’t forget to go to these places.