The worst part about dandruff is feeling as though it’ll never go away. How many products does it take to clear dandruff flakes and to relieve an itchy scalp? Am I washing my hair too often? Not enough?
Maybe you’re just not looking in the right places… Generic dandruff products tend not to differ too much from one another and all have very similar ingredient lists. Luckily, a new trend is emerging in the OTC world, and that trend is – botanicals.

Botanical based products are proving themselves to be highly efficient in relieving different skin conditions and providing long term results. This includes treatment of dandruff flakes and itchiness of the scalp.

Kamedis Dermatology uses botanicals such as Soapberry, Indigo, Rhubarb and Purslane (to name just a few) in their Dandruff CONTROL line that consist of a Dandruff Therapy Shampoo and Scalp Lotion. This product duo has already proven itself time and time again to provide rich, efficient and long lasting relief for dandruff and irritation. This duo is not only dermatologist recommended, but is also clinically proven to reduce dandruff by 50% in just 2 weeks.

Natural ingredients better understand your body’s chemistry and are more successful when it comes to creating a more natural, balanced healing of the skin. These natural botanicals combined with western ingredients create a powerful synergistic formula that works to achieve skin changing results. The proven success of this botanically rich anti-dandruff solution allows the products to be free of harsh chemicals and to have no known side effects. Which in today’s world of endless OTC products, no known side effects is almost unheard of!

Fighting dandruff doesn’t just take good products but also takes good healthy habits. Like regular washings, a healthy balanced diet, a regular sleep cycle, and knowing to take some time during the day or week to destress. Getting rid of dandruff for effective long term relief needs long term commitment to restoring your scalp to a natural, healthy balance.

Here are some helpful tips to help fight dandruff this summer:

  1. Wash your hair regularly (but not too much). 5x a week is a good number.
  2. Don’t wash your hair with water that is too hot, lukewarm water is best. When you wash your hair with water that is too hot, it dries out your scalp and can cause more flaking.
  3. Cover your hair when you are outside in the sun for long periods of time. Summer is here and the sun is bounding down on us! Protect your scalp from the sun’s harsh rays.
  4. Brush your hair after taking a shower. This allows your roots and scalp to breathe freely better.
  5. Keep a healthy diet. Your diet effects everything about you, not just your scalp. It’s important to keep a balanced diet to make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs.
  6. Regular sleep. Regular sleep contributes to lower stress! And high stress will only make things harder on your scalp.

    So just follow these 6 easy tips and use Kamedis’ Dermatology’s botanically rich Dandruff Therapy solution and you’ll be waving dandruff goodbye!