Maintaining a healthy sex life is as essential as breathing. Some of the diseases that affect a large percentage of the population are sexually transmitted diseases. Maintaining a good sex life will ensure that you steer clear from contracting viruses, or even passing it on to your partner. Research has shown that a majority of adults who contract sexually transmitted diseases rarely get to know they do until the final full-blown stages of the illness. Having the proper information on the major types of STIs and the major symptoms of vaginal or penile infections will help you a lot in the journey to an ultimately healthy sex life.

Research has also shown that a majority of people disregard the safety tips of sexual health. Engaging in sexual relationships with multiple strangers can be detrimental. A stranger, in this case, is any person whom you have no idea of their sexual health. Most people who are in a one man-one woman relationship rarely see the need for conducting frequent tests or even using protection. This is where we get it wrong. Your partner can be an HPV carrier. Talk to your partner and form a habit of frequently conducting tests and screenings. The earlier you detect the symptoms, the better. If not getting a cure, you’ll be able to get the proper medication to prevent the spread of such illnesses.

Most cases of vaginal and penile illnesses often lead to cancer. It’s time people get comfortable with the sexual health discussion. This can ensure that the next generation will be at a better place in fighting and preventing the death toll caused by poor maintenance of our sex lives.
Here are the key guidelines for maintaining a healthy sex life.

Do frequent tests.

Do the tests yourself. Don’t wait until the tests are made compulsory, maybe because you’re being forced to do so at work. You need not go to the hospital for a checkup. Today, you can do an HPV home test, if you wish to maintain some privacy. You only need to ensure you’re purchasing the kit from a proper company.

Use protection.

This is also very important. Several contraceptive choices can protect you from contracting STIs. Protect yourself first. Talk to your partner. If they aren’t willing to maintain healthy sex lives, then you’re safer with someone who appreciates the need for protection from high-risk viruses.
Avoid the high consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Laboratory tests have shown that frequent consumption of alcohol increases the prevalence of spreading HPV in your body. A majority of people believe that alcohol induces sexual needs. The long-term effect of alcohol can be detrimental to your sex life, especially for women.

Finally, maintaining a healthy diet will also ensure that you keep your sex life on the check. Eating foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins, and calcium will boost your sex esteem. Again, exercise and maintain a proper weight. Always choose to stay healthy.