Any woodworking contractor or DIY’er appreciates the versatility and value that a band saw offers. The band saw is an essential type of machinery for anyone who is looking to make non-standard cuts. This piece of equipment is also excellent for ripping or resawing lumber into thinner wood slabs, cutting metal, or even cutting tough cuts of meat. Even though it was initially developed for ripping lumber into workable pieces, the band saw has advanced to the most versatile tool in any woodwork shop. The ability of making various cuts, in conjunction with the ease of use for professionals and beginners alike, makes the band saw a top selection for craftsmen all over.

What Is A Band Saw?

A band saw is basically a saw that entails an incessant band of metal with serrated saw teeth, which are stretched around two wheels or more. The band is like a ribbon that continuously runs along with the wheel, similar to the ribbon of a cassette tape. The band is exposed to the cutting area in one place, where it runs vertically to the ground. The band is thin, permitting for complicated cuts that are not possible with other large bladed saws. A band saw is similar to a jigsaw when you consider the types of cuts it is able to make; however, a band saw offers more stability than a handheld jigsaw.

This firmness makes it the most accessible kind of saw to operate for making intricate cuts, irrespective of your skill level. Thanks to the design, the band saw can be utilized for various tasks, which are necessary during a project. The ample workspace permits for secure ripping through larger pieces, and the small blade size delivers a high level of meticulousness when making more complicated cuts. Band saws are easily operated; therefore, newbies can quickly master them. You can also consider information on the best deep cut band saw for your woodworking projects.

Types Of Band Saws

Bands saws are not available in various concepts or designs. Their variances primarily relate to the materials they can cut, the plane on which the blade is operating, and the size of the machinery.


Band saws for metal are generally the same as other band saws, except for the design and blade material. It is made for withstanding hard material. The blades feature various tooth designs and are built to cut effectively through different metals.


This is the most general use for band saws, and usually, the kind that you are familiar with. Most band saws are sold by default as wood saws, so you’ll have to keep this in mind when you’re looking to buy a metal cutting band saw.


It’s possible that you have not encountered this type of band saw unless your plan is to do a high volume of meat processing. However, band saws are standard in most meat packaging and processing plants. The band saw design permits for easy trimming and breaking down of large pieces of meat into smaller cuts.