If you are not a strong swimmer, or simply have no interest in getting half naked, cold and wet in front of strangers, you may feel as though anything involving the water is automatically off limits to you. The good news is that the ocean is a varied place, and with pools in every town, there has never been a better chance to embrace your inner water baby, and find your favorite water-based hobby. Strap on a life-jacket and get ready for adventure!

Water parks

Just because swimming bores you doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a water park! These operate almost exactly the same way as traditional amusement parks, with one notable difference—all of the rides and activities will include water! From swirling slides to drops of death, this is a chance to liven up a boring pool trip and try something new.


If you would rather stay (relatively) dry, fishing is another way to allow you to enjoy the water from a safe distance. This can be undertaken from the shoreline, or you can command a specialist charter service, such as BestDamnCharters is Juneau AK’s #1 fishing charter in Alaska who will take care of the sailing and tricky bits for you. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and wait for a bite!


Another top pick for those who would prefer to stay on something substantial, sailing is an engaging and exciting activity which can help you develop new skills and interests. There is a lot of technical information to get to grips with, but no better feeling than heading off into the sunset with the wind in your hair. If you catch the bug, you can even enter competitions and challenges, testing your ability against your peers to emerge victorious.


Again, water sports are a fantastic way to liven up a boring pool or beach trip. The most popular choices include jet-skiing or surfing, and both are a great way to get your heart rate up and have some fun! It is important to make sure that any water sports you decide to try out are run and regulated by a licensed, qualified professional, and that any safety concerns are addressed and covered.

Scuba diving

While there are countless stunning sights to enjoy in the world, it is a well-kept secret that some of the most breathtaking scenery is happening beneath the waves. Scuba diving gives you access to a kingdom of colors, shapes, and creatures which are unlike anything you have ever seen.

Dive down to the deepest depths to see the beasts which lurk in the dark, or just enjoy the view as schools of colorful fish go about their business. If you are keen, you can even complete qualifications which will train you, and eventually, allow you to dive independently all over the world. For a truly magical and life-changing experience, this should be a must-try on everyone’s bucket list.