Some vapers love the thrill that vaping gives them that they can’t help but take a big puff and produce some intense clouds. Although it can be great to blow the thickest clouds on the street, there are times when you would want to take things down a little. In as much as vaping is becoming popular with each passing day, not everyone would like you vaping in their presence. Some persons still receive a couple of weird looks, and negative expressions when they bring out their Freemax Twister from Vapeciga. This is where stealth vaping is essential. So, how do you go about vaping in peace? Well, the following below will tell you just how;

Pick a small device

One of the most effective ways to masking your vaping session is to make use of a small device. Depending on the size, of your device, most folks won’t even notice you are vaping. The style of vaporizers has undergone several transitions over the years, and now you have some that look like personal effects, people would take zero notice of you.

Use discreet flavors

Sometimes using strong flavors such as menthol or even tobacco can give off the perception that you are actually enjoying a cigarette. On the other hand, using a subtle flavor such as strawberry, or vanilla, you could enjoy your vape in public without drawing attention to yourself. The sweet aroma will help conceal your product in public and remove the preying eyes from you.

Reduce clouds

No matter how you try to conceal it, you can’t help but blow out clouds. Sometimes you are so into vaping that you get carried away by the enjoyment and let out a cloud or two. But, in a public setting, you would want to conceal your vaping, displace your cloud discreetly. The best way to dissipate your clouds is to hold the vapor in your mouth for an extended period. With this, you can easily exhale through your nose to reduce the clouds.
If the method above doesn’t do the trick, you can employ a screen to reduce the vapor. A cloth or paper towel will form the perfect screen. Using a screen or filter does more than just reduce your vapor cloud, it also helps to trap most of the vapor smell.

Be yourself

Whether you are using the Freemax Twister or any other device from Vapeciga, you just need to be yourself. Act normal, and try as much as possible to bring unnecessary attention to yourself. If you do it right, no one will take notice of you.