Women bikinis

A day at the beach is all about forgetting your hectic schedules, letting your hair loose, and relaxing in the warm sun. And while beach wear is all about looking relaxed and casual, sometimes you also need to dress up a little for beach dates, concerts, events or cocktail parties. Beach wear is the definition of casual and laid-back attire but you may want to cover up and protect your skin from the sizzling sun when you’re not in the water. The most important thing when selecting a bikini or swimwear is that you feel confident and comfortable wearing it. The same rule also applies for cover ups and beach outfits. Pair your bikinis with cute tops, crochet cover-ups, midi dresses or shirts and kaftans to get a fashionable look without losing the beach vibes. You can also bring some elegance and sophistication to your beach outfits by pairing your bikinis with cute tops or flowing dresses. Here are a few ideas for some cute beach outfits that are trendy and comfortable whether you’re enjoying the sun and waves or attending a beach event!

Swimsuits with Denim Shorts or Skirts

While a classic bikini or one-piece swimsuit is perfect for a day in the sand and waves, it’s not something you want to wear outside the beach. Instead of carrying a whole set of clothes for your time out of the water, simply put on some denim shorts or a skirt over your one-piece or bikini. This combination looks cute and elegant and is perfect if you want to go to a restaurant or go around shopping in stores near the beach.

Bikini Tops with Sarongs or Crochet Dress

Sarongs are the first attire that comes to mind when you think about beach cover ups. They look great with crop tops or bikinis and offer protection as well as cover. Sarong dresses available in comfortable fabrics like cotton, chiffon, etc are also perfect for a beach look. And if you’re looking for something dressier, you can go for a crochet silk dress over bikinis or crochet shorts or skirts with bikini tops for a casual and relaxed look.

Floral Prints on Long Flowing Sundresses

Another staple for beach wear is the flowing dress or beach dress. These dresses can be short and flirty midis or floor length gown in vibrant colors, floral prints or fun patterns. Whether its oversized maxi dresses, floral dresses, long dresses or cocktail dresses and midi dresses, these outfits look cute, flirty as well as elegant. With their loose, breathable styles and sophisticated looks, they are everything you want in a beach dress. You can click here for more information on beach dresses.

Bikini Tops with Kimonos or Kaftans

Another great combination for a cute beach outfit is pairing your bikini tops with kimonos or kaftans. A halter neck bikini top with a floral print kimono is casually dressy and super comfortable. Similarly, kaftan shirts paired with bikinis look flirty and fun. Select bright colors and fun prints to capture that beach vibe without being overdressed. You can also pair it with some trousers, denim short or chinos for a dressier look.

Button down Shirt with Bikini Bottoms

A button down shirt with bikini bottoms or cute shorts can look great for a beach outfit. Stripes and checks in shirts look great and go well with the beach vibes. Plus they are extremely comfortable and quite simple to pair! Just tie the shirt together in the front for a more casual and sporty look. This winning combination gives the beach outfit a retro look that is gaining popularity today.