The eCommerce industry is expected to cross 4 trillion dollars this year with some projection showing a lot more than that. The internet boom has seen the rise of companies worth billions of dollars that have gotten there in record time compared to organizations of the past. This is because the internet has allowed businesses global access to resources and customers opening up a much larger market that is easy to access thanks to innovations in technology, infrastructure, and transport.

Today, you can have most products delivered to your door within a couple of days in most cases and sometimes in less than 24 hours. Food ordered online can be at your door in no less than 30 minutes depending on where you are ordering from. The convenience and ease that online shopping has provided has vastly increased consumer spending and has given rise to a wide variety of different products and services.

Selling online isn’t easy, especially, in recent years with competition ever increasing in this space. Online retail giants and eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Facebook have become so competitive that one needs to now spend substantial marketing dollars just to get some amount of relevant traffic to their page. Organic growth is becoming harder thanks to paid campaigns in almost every niche imaginable making it hard for the average person to make any real money online, especially, when it comes to affiliate products.

Commissions and profits from leads are becoming less and less worthwhile on platforms like Amazon and Facebook but what if we told you there was another way. The Kibo Code is a training program that educates individuals on ways of making significant income and profits from selling online using an approach never seen before. One that promises huge returns even if you are a novice to the eCommerce world.

The Kibo Code 2020 Review

The Kibo Code was developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton and first introduced in 2008. Ever since its first year of launch JV partners and affiliates have made millions selling a vast array of affiliate products on a multitude of different eCommerce websites using a method that has resulted in millions of dollars earned in commissions, prize pools, top launch prizes, and leads generated during prelaunch.

This 8-week training program is based on the model of a famous retail store in Tokyo, Japan, that sells pretty much every type of product as long as it sells fast and attracts foot-traffic. Instead of focusing on a particular niche this store focused on what products sold the best to bring in customers and foot traffic. The Kibo Code replicates this brick and mortar model into an online model whereby individuals can learn ways of hitting a 2k daily run rate by selling as few as three products in their store.

The training program itself is divided into five modules that offer all the information and training you need to get started with your own eCommerce store and begin generating revenue and profits.
By only focusing on products that sell and putting them front and center helps attract more customers to your storefront increasing conversions and profits. The Kibo Code for 2020 seems to be the most effective and easiest program to implement yet and requires no prior experience in eCommerce or knowledge of platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and Ali Baba.

In order to register for the JV partners and affiliates program for 2020 make sure to mark the prelaunch start dates on your calendar by visiting the kibo code review.