The vibration is one of the main issues in the rotation machinery. Well, the vibration can lead to some serious problems in the machine such as the decrease of the machine’s life, the damage of the machine’s part, the rising of the noise, the increasing of the vibration transmission, and the loosening of the structure of the machine. The machine that is used in the industry should be protected from the vibration so that it can work properly. One of the ways to prevent the vibration is by using the anti-vibration mounting or Vibration Isolator. This anti-vibration mounting can be used to reduce and vanish the vibration on the machine. So, the machine can be functionalized properly.

There are several types of anti-vibration mounting that can be used for preventing the vibration on the machine. It depends on the types of machines. Generally, the types of anti-vibration mounting can be divided into three types that are rubber anti-vibration mounting, metal, vibrasobmer, sylomer, and akustik. Each type has its own shape and function. One of the most common anti-vibration mountings is rubber to metal anti-vibration mounting. Like its name, this anti-vibration is made from rubber or metal materials. It has several shapes that can be used in different types of machines. For example, The BRB captive mount. This anti-vibration is suggested to be used in several types of machines such as mobile machines, dripping oil, and diesel machine. Another type is the BSB Engine Anti-vibration. This mounting is developed with the rubber in shear. Then, it is completed with the compression of the optimal ratio between stiffness and horizontal stability. This mounting is recommended for the machine that needs stability. Another example of the anti-vibration mounting is the BRT engine mounts. This anti-vibration can be used as the stabilizer of the electrical cabinets, pumps, industrial vehicles, compressors, and others. Another alternative of the anti-vibration mounting for the mobile machine is the marine mounting. It has a special design that has some advantages such as high vertical elasticity, optimal lateral stiffness, multi-axial stiffness, and longitudinal stiffness. These advantages can help the mounting to increase the strength of the vibration isolation on that axis.

As mentioned previously that there are many types of anti-vibration mounting. Well, in order to get the best result, it’s necessary to know the specification of each mounting so that the user can choose the best mounting for the machine. In order to help the people for choosing the anti-vibration mounting, there is an online application that can be used for determination of the suitable anti-vibration mounting. The application is called Vibration isolator Pro. How does it work? The first step is the installed application will determine the disturbing frequencies of the machine. It will choose the frequencies that should be isolated. Then, it will search for suitable mounting for the machine installation. This application provides some advantages such as a friendly environment, no advertisement, real-time support, and high security. It’s a great idea for choosing the best anti-vibration mounting.