While you don’t want to be without your car after a collision, there is the need to understand that your vehicle is not in its normal and optimum functional state, thus demanding that you return it to its former glory.

Visiting Comfort Auto & Body Repair in Portland can be a major solution to this need. However, to ensure that you get the most of the auto collision repair service, there is the need to establish a clear understanding of what you want and when you want it.

To ensure that you are adequately carried along with the details of the auto collision repair, below are some of the essential auto collision repair terms you need to know.


DRP means Direct Repair Program. These programs are agreements which are entered into by the insurance companies and the select repair shop to carry out the auto collision repair service. The DRP usually contains detailed and outlines set of repair procedures which the auto repair shop has to follow in exchange for a faster pay out from the insurance company. In some cases, the insurance companies enter into a direct transactional relationship with the auto repair shop thus cutting out the need for a middleman. While several insurance companies are known to suggest their DRP associated shops to their policy holders, it is possible for policy holders to choose their preferred auto repair shop.


An appraisal is a valuation of the value of the car. The appraisal is given to you in writing. A damage appraisal is also conducted detailing the cost of the damage to the vehicle. The appraisal is however carried out after the collision and it is aimed at better determining the amount to be paid out by the insurance company towards the repair of the vehicle. In some cases, it is possible for the car owner to be served with two appraisals, one submitted by the insurance company and another by the auto repair shop.


This is a written document served to the car owner, detailing all the procedures, items to be purchased and services to be rendered towards the repair of the vehicle. It is important to note that not all estimates are 100% accurate as there may be some damages which the collision repair specialist may be unable to identify some major problems until the car has been fully disassembled.


Exclusion is any part of the collision repair service that the insurance provider is failing to cover whether due to policy details or other reasons. In some cases, insurance companies may fail to cover car seat replacement as part of the damage repair cost.

R&R or R&I

R&R means remove and replace while R&I stands forremove and install. For R&I, any piece of the vehicle that is removed during the repair service is set aside and then re-installed into the vehicle. However, for R&R, removed parts are discarded and new ones are fitted into the vehicle. R&R is mostly applicable to damaged parts of the vehicle which cannot be salvaged.


LKQ stands for Like Kind and Quality. this means that the part can be salvaged from another vehicle and used as a replacement part for the damaged vehicle which was brought in for auto-repair and collision repair. For this to be replaced into the vehicle, both the seller, and the repair technician are required to examine and assess this parts to be sure that it meets the qualities expected of the original part.

Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts are any parts which are made by the original manufacturer and considered to be an aftermarket part for replacement or tune-ups. It is important to note that aftermarket parts are available in a variety of quality and so they may not be the best parts to use in some cases.

Getting Your Vehicle Repair Estimate After a Collision

After you have been involved in an accident, there is the need to you to seek out experts who are able to attend to the repair needs of your car in order to return it to its original condition with respect to appearance and functionality.

As part of the auto collision repair process, be sure to request for an estimate from the auto repair shop. When demanding estimates, be sure to confirm that the estimate is detailed and contains all the needed information including parts and items to be purchased and cost, the cost of workmanship and after services, estimated time to be taken for the repair service and more.