CBD oil is a non-psychoactive drug (doesn’t make you high) and is claimed to have many benefits for the human body, though most of these claims come from the daily users of CBD oil, which, in one way or the other, are addicted to this medicinal drug.

Despite all the testimonials, reviews and tails of its magic, CBD still lacks scientific and clinical research & evidence to be backed by the medical professionals. So, in this article, we’ll try to gather all the conflicting information about CBD and present it before you. However, for in-depth research and topics you can check greenthevoteok website, author at greenthevoteok has written pretty conclusive articles on many CBD-related topics.

Does It Benefit At All?

The main concern around the daily usage of CBD for the medical professionals is that whether it actually provides any benefits, or just works as a recreational drug to make you feel OK for sometime. Because if you replace your prescribed medicine for a product that doesn’t actually work, you can end up worsening your medical condition.

Many regular users of CBD claim that it works to treat problems like depression, mental illnesses and pain issues. However, this is not enough conclusive clinical evidence to prove these claimed benefits. So, you should contact your doctor before swapping a regular medicine with CBD oil to prevent any discomfort.

Conflicting Reports And Opinions:

Like any drug, CBD is not 100% effective in all the cases. It may work for someone, but might not work for you the same way. Many customers and patients have reported back with mixed opinions after using CBD oil for sometime. Many of the patients suffering from different medical issue said that it worked for them, while many stated otherwise.

Fake testimonials and rigged reviews on many online sites are making the condition worse. Because some people actually fall for these substandard products by only reading 1 or 2 reviews from a site they never even heard of ever before.

Many scientists even say that it CBD might also have some side effects, but none are found so far. So, there are conflicting reports and opinions around the effectiveness and usage of CBD oil.

Unregulated Production, A Big Question Mark:

Since CBD doesn’t fall under any category of regulated drugs, it is currently being produced, marketed and sold without any regulation and quality checks. This can become a big problem once the market gets diluted with CBD oil producers.

CBD oil must have a very low amount of LSD (the compound that makes you high) to be fit for regular usage. But because of the uncontrolled, unregulated production and distribution, you might end up buying something completely different, and you won’t even know until you get affected.

But luckily, there some big names in the CBD oil market that you can rely upon. So, you should buy the CBD oil only from a trusted source.