There are countless people that want to buy an older home, renovate it and then reap the profits. This is actually quite common in older cities and communities. You can easily find some wonderful deals on the market but this does not mean it will be easy to renovate older homes.

Unfortunately, there are countless potential hurdles you will face when you want to renovate an old building. This is much more than just having to contact specialists like Plumbing Canberra Fix It Right to fix the old pipes. The hurdles below are usually difficult to deal with.

Regulations For Historical Buildings

There are numerous historical societies that were created in order to protect historic features and buildings in neighborhoods. When you buy an old home and you want to renovate, you should verify if there is a historical significance that you have to know about.

Different consequences can appear when you remodel or renovate old buildings, like binding legal requirements and public campaign pressure. Sometimes, renovations are not allowed by law.


Major renovations pose numerous challenges. However, the really big one is getting the appropriate permissions and permits. This is especially difficult with an old building. The hurdles are simply much more complex.

You need to properly understand the building and all the permits required. You will need to make many trips to the local building or zoning agency. Qualified compliance officials might need to be hired.


One of the obvious roadblocks you will face when you renovate older properties is cost. It is so easy for old home renovations to quickly become really expensive projects. At the very least, you should expect to pay double what you would with contemporary projects.

We are looking at many concerns in regards to structure composition, regulations, location and unexpected surprises that are found when the renovation is underway. It is vital that you properly assess the building before you buy it or you commit to anything.

Environmental Issues

Last but not least, in so many jurisdictions we have exemptions for older buildings when it comes to environmental regulations and building codes. This can easily range from insulation to plumbing or wiring. For instance, the old home might have used some raw materials that are hazardous for human health and for the environment.

Always be sure that you get the permits you need and you properly dispose of all dangerous components, like asbestos and lead pipes. There are agencies that determine risks and requirements as older properties are renovated.

The good news is that hurdles are a nightmare but they are not at all insurmountable. You should never rush when you buy an old building of any kind. Do your homework so that you can properly evaluate property conditions. Then, think about the requirements necessary for the renovation. When you do this, you minimize the possibility of legal action, financial ruin, stress and wasted time.

The more you know about the property, the easier it is to make a really good choice.