Thailand is full of beautiful destinations to visit. From beach paradises to jungle treks, there’s something for everyone. One of the most popular destinations is the Phi Phi islands, located in the west of the country. Around the island, there are many other great places to visit, including Phuket Island and Koh Lanta not far away. If you’re planning to travel there, you’ll most likely want to find out things to do in Phi Phi Islands. Some of the best things to do, of course, involve the sea and beaches nearby, but there are also some great spots for food and culture as well.

Phi Phi Le National Park

Phi Phi Le National Park is a place of beauty, and there may be some familiar spots if you’ve seen the film, ‘The Beach,’ which was filmed there for its fantastic scenery. You’ll find some amazing walks that take you up to small hills with cliffs and to the deep blue water all around you. Additionally, there’s nowhere for people to stay at night, which means the park is untouched by construction or hotels. The best way to get there is via a quick ferry ride.

Go on a boat tour.

Surrounded by islands, you’ll find boats that are the best way to get around, and you’ll definitely want to try one of the boat tours around the sights. One of the most relaxing boats is a long-tailed boat, which will gently take you around the islands with a helpful guide to show you the best hidden spots. You’ll see some of the most popular spots all in one go and will get gear, so that you can go snorkeling and see the mass of fantastic fish below you.

Go on a snorkeling trip.

Snorkeling is one of the main attractions of visiting Thailand, and Phi Phi Islands have some of the best snorkeling sites you can find. You can find lots of day trips that take you to the best places to find tropical fish, and you only need snorkeling gear to see them. The water is warm, and the sun is blazing, so make sure to bring plenty of sun cream!

Take a hike to the best viewpoints.

As well as having plenty of amazing places to see by boat, there are also lots of excellent hiking destinations around Phi Phi Island. Ai Lo Dalam is one to make sure not to miss, which is a gentle half an hour hike which will take you to the relaxing viewpoint. When you’re there, you’ll be greeted by the waves and views that make the trip well worth it.

Find the Viking Caves.

Jump on a fast boat to find the famous Viking Caves toward the top of the island. Here, you’ll be able to see the cave art that’s said to be over 1,000 years old and done by pirates when they sailed the sea. When you get back, treat yourself to some of the best food around at the Efe Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant.