Seattle is an ultramodern metropolis located in the north-west of the country, in the state of Washington. It’s surrounded by mighty mountains, majestic water spaces, and its beauty and comfort allow competing with the best cities in the world.

Local hotels are the best proof of high class and luxury that are available to all visitors to the city. Want to find a truly prestigious place to stay in Seattle? Then check out the next selection of the city’s top-end hotels. Of course, don’t forget to book a car to easily get to the hotel immediately after arrival at Seattle Airport.

Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

Seattle is full of special luxury hotels, so in the heart of the city there’s the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Seattle. The variety of its rooms includes exclusive suites – they are located on the upper floors and are equipped with king-size beds.

The most luxurious rooms have a large marble bathroom with panoramic windows that overlook the coast. The hotel has its own spa, where lodgers are offered the selection of exclusive wellness services. The fans of gourmet food will be happy to visit Goldfinch Tavern, which is headed by eminent chef Ethan Stowell.

Address: 99 Union St, Seattle, WA

Price for room: from $520

Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Fairmont Olympic Hotel is the real sight of Seattle. It occupies a luxurious historic building, in which it was possible to almost fully preserve the elements of the old decoration.

The hotel offers a choice of 450 suites – all of them are decorated in accordance with the traditions of the past by using authentic antiques. In addition to luxurious rooms, many additional services are available to hotel guests. You can visit the indoor pool and enjoy relaxation in the hot tub, as well as try specialties in two local top tier restaurants.

Address: 411 University St, Seattle, WA

Price for room: from $230

Kimpton Alexis Hotel

In the heart of Seattle’s business district, Kimpton Alexis Hotel is located. However, this fashionable hotel is not only popular among business travelers – it offers special suites to its well-off guests. Some rooms have a beautiful fireplace, while others have a large bathroom with a Jacuzzi.

The hotel has a well-known Bookstore city café, which is famous for a huge selection of elite whiskeys. What’s more, it regularly hosts tastings and other interesting themed events.

Address: 1007 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

Price for room: from $290

Warwick Seattle Hotel

The upscale Warwick Seattle Hotel occupies a modern high-rise building. Its most luxurious rooms are located on the top floors. They are decorated in elegant beige tones, and equipped with comfortable king-size beds.

The external wall of the room almost is almost completely replaced by the panoramic window, which opens the stunning view of Seattle skyline. Among the variety of additional services, the presence of a large indoor pool with a hot tub, as well as a well-equipped fitness center should be noted. The hotel hosts a renowned Margaux restaurant, where you can taste unique dishes of the author’s cuisine.

Address: 401 Lenora St, Seattle, WA

Price for room: from $170

Sheraton Seattle Hotel

Among the best hotels in Seattle, Sheraton Hotel is worth mentioning. This hotel is one of the largest in the city, with a choice of over 1,200 rooms of various categories, including super-suites and club rooms.

On the 36th floor there’s a top-class fitness center, which offers panoramic views of the city. The fans of serene relaxation will like the Vida Spa, providing a wide range of massages and beauty treatments. Gourmets will appreciate Loulay Kitchen & Bar, which specializes in the dishes of French cuisine.

Address: 1400 6th Ave, Seattle, WA

Price for room: from $150

The Westin Seattle

The Westin Seattle will be a suitable option to spend a few days in a refined aristocratic atmosphere. Its rooms are distinguished by an impressive area – they are furnished with massive furniture made of precious wood.

The rooms on the upper floors are particularly attractive, because they open a beautiful view of the city. On one of the top floors there is an indoor pool situated in the hall with panoramic windows, and the best place for an evening rest will be the Relish Burger restaurant and bistro.

Address: 1900 5th Ave W, Seattle, WA

Price for room: from $160

Silver Cloud Inn – Seattle Lake Union

Relaxing in a refined setting can be enjoyed by travelers at Silver Cloud Inn – Seattle Lake Union. Its interior is made in an elegant style, and dominated by noble coffee and beige shades.
Along with modern designer furniture, you can see impressive antique atmosphere everywhere – the rooms are notable for their draping and rich fabrics.

Among the rooms are very romantic doubles, equipped with an open bathroom. A truly special charm in the hotel is provided by beautiful paintings and mirrors with decoration, as well as live plants and flowers.

Address: 1150 Fairview Ave N, Seattle, WA

Price for room: from $170