Are you about to get married and looking for a concept that is both original and not too expensive? If that’s the case, you should definitely consider getting married in a cottage. People who live in Quebec City know for a fact that it has some of the most beautiful landscapes and natural spaces in Canada, so that’s why so many of them are thinking about comment choisir la parfaite auberge à louer à Québec — une auberge de rêve pour vos mariages et événements. There are several benefits to getting married in a cottage, here are just a few of them.

You Won’t Need to Decorate as Much

That’s one of the best arguments to get married in a cottage. Wedding decor tends to be pricey and a real hassle to organize and get right. It requires a significant amount of time that you could dedicate to other aspects of your wedding. Cottage weddings benefit from a unique scenery – stunning lake views, canopies of trees, wild greenery – that you don’t have to work for. All you have to do is add a few decorations here and there, and you’re good to go.

It’s A Polite Way of Reducing the Guest List

Weddings are getting more and more expensive, so it would make sense to try to get costs under control from the get-go. Having your wedding ceremony in an intimate setting like a cottage venue will make it easier: you don’t know how to explain to your overbearing “work friend” or your annoying cousin why they didn’t make the cut? Simple: you would have loved to have them, but there was just not enough space. Getting married in a smaller setting versus a big wedding venue is the best way to invite just the people you really want to come without insulting anyone.

You Can Get Creative With the Menu

Considering the laid-back atmosphere and feel of a cottage, you can easily go for a lot simpler wedding menu that would feel totally out of place if you were in a more formal reception hall. Do a BBQ wedding, if you want, and feast on potatoes, chicken and ribs. Forget the formal seating and table arrangements, opt for a delicious buffet that will have all your guests mingle and lick their fingers while they’re eating. If you really want to keep things small, you can even ask your guests to come with a potluck item instead of a random gift.

You’ll Have Gorgeous Pictures

Unlike many brides and grooms out there who have to go to the nearest park or natural spot to take the coveted photos all married people want in their album, you’ll already be in the perfect setting to take magical pictures. People that go for a cottage wedding are already enjoying the sunshine, a sparkling lake and lush trees. All you need to do at this point is to wait for the perfect moment, turn and finally smile!

It Will Feel Authentic

Weddings celebrated in large banquet halls can be impressive and gorgeous, but seldom feel authentic or even unique. While looking for perfection and a well-oiled operational machine, too many couples end up with a wedding that looks and feels a lot more like an impersonal event than one of the best days of their lives. Having a cottage wedding is the surest way to avoid that by instead enjoying a warm and personal atmosphere that your guests and yourself will remember for a long time.

You Won’t Look Cheap for Going the DIY Route

There is so much pressure to organize the most impressive and memorable wedding that many people would prefer to bust their budget and go into debt that to appear cheap. Having a cottage wedding is one of the best ways of getting married in a gorgeous-looking venue while saving a lot by avoiding paying for the extras required by traditional wedding venues. You’ll be able to do a lot of things that tend to be overpriced by yourself, and thus to save a significant amount of money without looking cheap to your friends and family.

If your big day is coming soon and you live near Quebec City, you should definitely check out this beautiful wedding cottage or at least consider having a cottage wedding.