When it comes to travel destinations in North America, many people are drawn to the United States of America, with the likes of New York, Florida, California, Nevada, and the iconic locations of famous films and television being of particular interest. Up north, it may be colder but there is so much to enjoy about traveling around Canada that simply cannot be matched down south.

Canada’s natural beauty

Canada is one of the most naturally stunning countries in the world, with a huge range of scenic and awe-inspiring locations. Among the most famous are the Canadian Rockies, seen in British Columbia and Alberta, Niagara Falls in Ontario, and the Northern Lights in the winter.

One place of huge interest to those intrigued by the study of paleontology and prehistoric life, in general, is Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. Now a world heritage site, the area boasts an incredibly diverse range of dinosaur fossils, including that of more famous dinosaurs like Styracosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus, Struthiomimus, Pachyrhinosaurus, and Troodon as well as less familiar creatures such as Gorgosaurus, Edmontonia, and Stegoceras.

Availability of entertainment in Canada

One of the many appealing factors about Canada is that whenever someone finds themselves twiddling their thumbs on a long commute, or waiting for their next day out, they can turn to the world of online casinos via their mobile or computer to indulge in some gaming.

Many people in Canada enjoy online casino games on a day-to-day basis, the most popular are slot games, you can check the bonuses at Big Kahuna proving to be appealing to new customers as it gives them bonus money to use and find their new favorite games. With the wide availability of the internet in Canada, entertainment options such as online casinos are just a tap or two away.

Experience Canadian passion at its peak

The sport of hockey is present in the USA, across much of Europe, Japan, and even the United Arab Emirates, but no one does it quite like Canada. In the nation that created the great Wayne Gretzky, fandom is through the roof for teams in the NHL and at the lower levels all over the country. Going to a professional game is quite a unique experience.
Be sure to make the most of everything on offer in Canada, including the incredible sights, instant access to entertainment, and enthralling experience of live hockey.