Bicycles were the first form of personal transport with records of the idea dating as far back as the 14th century. Since its discovery, bicycles have evolved leaps and bounds to include features such as comfort, all-terrain capabilities, innovative suspension and tires, and unique frames to help set them apart.

Recent developments in modern innovation and technology have further evolved the bicycle into what we now call an E-Bike that offers benefits such as increased comfort, greater range, affordability and practicality without causing any damage to the environment.

What Is An E-Bike?

An ebike is a bicycle that comes with a battery to help propel you along without the need for pedaling. A small motor is attached to an E-Bike that produced electricity to help power batteries that in turn rotate the wheels pushing you forward.

They are generally two types of E-Bikes one that offers a throttle to control speed and one that is just pedal-assist. Keener bikers prefer the pedal-assist as it allows them to travel greater distances while still getting the exercise they need.

Throttle powered E-Bikes are for those that want to get to the place they are going relatively quickly without putting in much effort. These E-bikes tend to be bulkier and cost more as well.

E-bikes do not only offer a practical environmental solution to personal travel but research shows that inside larger cities it is actually faster to commute on an e-bike than it would be on any other form of private or public transport.

Clever engineering has also allowed the bicycle to become truly portable with frames designed to fold in order to take up less space and be easier to carry.

Traditional Bicycles

What we deem as traditional bicycles first came out in the early 1960s and were an instant success amongst both adults and children. Innovation and advancements in technology have improved the traditional bike considerably thanks to features like better brakes, smoother gear changes, better tires for traction, and various sizes and designs to suit your height and riding position.

Today, you can purchase bicycles for specific purposes like off-roading which would require a mountain bike with appropriate features like off-road tires, heavy-duty suspension, and a more flexible chassis.

If you like BMX bikes that opens up another whole world altogether. The same is the case with racing bicycles that are designed to be featherweight and have skinny tires for faster speed and come in many different options.


No matter what type of bicycle you are looking for whether that be an ebike, mountain bike, traditional bike, folding bike, BMX bike, racing bike or any other variation always make sure to purchase from reliable and credible suppliers and manufacturers that are reputed and have awesome reviews!

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