The modern dating world has more options than ever before. From online apps to organized live events, there are many ways to meet your match. With so opportunities out there, the challenge is how to make a winning first impression and stand out in the eyes of all of these potential mates.

You can browse the internet to find a lot of information on what to wear, what to say, and how to plan the perfect date. But what about actual skills you can improve upon that will increase your chances of success?

Here are four skills you can hone in order to wow your potential partner and achieve dating success. Plus one skill that’s absolutely essential.

5. Communication

This entails body language, eye contact, touch, and words. It’s about being able to get your thoughts and ideas across and, more importantly, being able to understand what the other person is trying to get across. Work on paying closer attention. Listen without judgment. Show that you care about what someone is saying by looking them in the eye, facing them with your body, nodding your head as they speak, or even slightly tilting your head to the side. People want to feel heard and important.

4. Resilience

There are no guarantees in dating. You could meet your soulmate by accident, or you could date 20 people before you find the right person. Think of it as a journey (instead of trying to get to a destination), and learn to enjoy the process. If a date is a flop, get back out there and try again. Don’t put too much pressure on a single date. In fact, try out something like “singles events London”. With speed dating events, you can meet 10-20 people just like you in one evening without all the pressure. There’s no stress, it’s fun, and they are happening all the time.

3. Humor

Taking life too seriously is a recipe for disaster. People who laugh are healthier, happier, and more attractive to others. A sense of humor will not only boost your likeability to a potential date, but it will also help with skill #4. When things don’t go like you want them to, a sense of humor can help you bounce back and be ready for another round.

2. Conversation

While this skill is related to communication, it’s not the same thing. The art of conversing is about the pacing of how we talk, the questions we ask, and the rhythm of the exchange. Good conversation makes you feel at ease. Both parties listen thoughtfully to each other and respond in kind. You remember to ask questions of interest and not to do all the talking, and you typically try to match the tempo in which the other person is speaking.

1. Confidence (The #1 Most Essential Skill)

Confidence is the one skill you should strive for above all the rest. If you focus on boosting this one, the others will actually improve themselves. A strong belief in yourself leads you to take chances, communicate your goals and desires, and say no to things that don’t align. It helps you overcome fear and opens the doors of possibility. This is the skill that will give you success at those singles events, get you back up after a setback, and allow you to assertively communicate.

There you have it: The #1 skill you should focus on for dating success (and the four skills that will come along with it).