We all know just how aggravating it can be when a fast-paced auto shop is met with a slow-paced software. Or worse yet, when the shop grinds to a halt when the onsite server goes down right in the middle of a customer rant over a parts delay. Ouch.

Dinosaurs Are Extinct

When shops are fed up with the old dinosaur systems, they look to Tekmetric to solve their auto repair software issues. It makes no difference if you are a one-man garage or a sizeable fleet maintenance service with several locations, as Tekmetric’s all-in-one platform will handle everything that you need to do. And you can do it from anywhere, anytime you want, so issues trying to morph into T-rex problems by morning won’t be keeping you up at night.

So Who Is Tekmetric?

The Tekmetric auto repair software was developed by Sparkplug Studios in 2015, born out of the frustration that a couple of guys had with the typical automotive software that was available. That led Prasanth Chilukuri and Sunil Patel to start working on the solution – Tekmetric. They had founded the Houston-based MotorwerksAutogroup eight years before and realized that industry software options were lacking at best. At worst, shops would have multiple programs that did not complement each other or were burdensome to their system.

Vehicle Inspections and the DMV

A lot of municipalities require an inspection sticker in accordance with DMV standards to demonstrate compliance with emissions and safety standards. While it can certainly be a difficult process to deal with the DMV, Tekmetric’s integration of digital vehicle inspections into its software has a two-fold advantage: shops already using Tekmetric will have current and past data easily retrievable; shops that are adding DMV vehicle inspections will find the licensing process easier with Tekmetric, with the added bonus of not having to buy yet another software program.

Normal Vehicle Inspections

Any shop worth its salt will inspect a vehicle as part of its regular routine. Tekmetric’s auto repair software makes this much simpler and helps build a better rapport among technicians, service advisers and customers. The vehicle inspection feature allows pictures of the inspection to be uploaded to the software so that advisers can confidently convey that information to the customer. This also allows the customer to see that a specific issue is truly in need of repair and not just an attempt to rip-off the customer. On the other hand, the inspection feature allows for verification of the condition of vehicle components (brakes, lights, tires, etc.) so that a vehicle history can be built right into Tekmetric’s auto repair software. This history can then be used to assess future service requirements as well as come in handy if the need ever arises to prove or disprove statements in investigating vehicle accidents.

All Processes, One Software

Tekmetric eliminates the need for multiple auto repair software programs. It handles everything from initial appointments to final billing and customer pickup. Shops can also bring up CARFAX reports if needed to make their customer experience that much better.