What do lab meat, AI, and drug-making cells have in common? They’re innovations trending worldwide due to what they can achieve for humanity. Lab-grown beef and mutton will reduce the hostility between vegans and meat-eaters.

Drug making cells, on the other hand, will turn your body into a small factory that produces medicinal drugs when you need them. How cool is that? In the casino industry, these are the technological trends everyone is talking about.

Live Casino Gaming

Live dealers involve playing table games like blackjack and poker against fellow humans online. They recreate the immersive atmosphere of brick and mortar casinos even when you don’t interact with players physically.

The action takes place in real gaming studios distributed the best countries for doing business in the world. Tables are decorated to reflect different games while players stream everything using web cameras. A human dealer shuffles cards and directs players to make moves in an organized way.

The best live casinos are also mobile responsive, meaning you can compete in tournaments using your smartphone. You don’t need to download an app to access live casinos. All games are accessible on browsers, including conventional RNG software.

When it comes to wagering, live dealers are as affordable as RNG games. Roulette spins cost as little as €0.10 per round while poker and blackjack rounds cost €5. Of course, there are more expensive rounds, especially for high rollers. But if you want to test the live casino experience, you can play multiple games with €50.

AR and VR

People have been talking about AR ad VR taking over the gambling industry since 2010. But to date, the technology has made very minimal strides. First, AR promised to turn slot machines into experiences like what Pokémon GO achieved.

VR, on the other hand, aims to immerse you into a world of gaming. If you choose to play live dealer poker, VR could immerse you into a Las Vegas casino so that you feel like gaming in a brick and mortar establishment.

To be fair, casinos are not to blame for AR and VR being inaccessible to players. Most gaming sites would support all VR games if players afforded them. A pair of VR, goggles, for example, costs $200. A laptop that supports the technology costs $600, meaning gamers must upgrade their machines to afford the technology.

And considering gaming sites support visually exciting slots and table games, many players would rather play casino games without VR. Click here to find out the best casinos in 2019, particularly those offering bonuses and free bets.

3D Slots and Table Games

Now that VR is struggling to penetrate the casino industry, developers have an alternative. 3D games don’t require the use of Oculus goggles. In fact, they’re not 3D in a VR sense. They’re simply games whose symbols are three dimensional by design.

Instead of using conventional 2D fruit images as symbols, a 3D slot machine features images that resemble real-life fruits. This makes the graphics more impressive and more modern than they usually are.

Zamsino’s no deposit free spins guide can you help find the best casinos with 3D games. In addition to that, these casinos welcome you with free spins so that you can maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

There is no need to upgrade your laptop or smartphone to play 3D slots and card games. An average device can support most 3D games. Again, games come with configurations so that you can adjust a game’s graphics to make it run on your device smoothly.

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is coming out in November, and it promises a host of multiple features for gaming fans. Video gamers will benefit from a dedicated controller and access to most PS4 and Xbox One games. But gamblers won’t be left out too.

If you have always wanted to relish VR games but can’t afford a VR PC, Google Stadia will solve all your needs. At its core, Google Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform. Players will access it free or on a subscription basis.

The best part about the platform is that you’ll be able to play virtually any online game using an average laptop or desktop PC. Forget about purchasing a $1000 gaming laptop. As long as you have reliable Internet, you’ll be able to play VR casino games using a low budget device.

Google is at an advanced stage of completing its platform. It’s already listed games that will be available immediately the platform is done. About seven million people have also subscribed to the platform, so it’s only a matter of time before the platform is open for gamers to access.

Blockchain Games and Crypto Payments

Blockchain slots and scratch card games keep cropping up. Although they’re a small niche compared to slots or poker, more and more casinos are offering them. Blockchain games strike players with their transparency and security.

Unlike many casino games, you can easily verify a game’s fairness. The blockchain is built on transparency anyway and is continuously projected to replace cash in the future. Besides openness, blockchain games mostly support crypto payments, which make them convenient for Bitcoin users.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming began nearly five years ago, so it’s technically not a new thing. Still, it’s a trendy topic in the gambling sector. Increasing mobile usage around the world means a higher percentage of gamblers use smartphones to access games.

If a casino isn’t mobile responsive, it risks losing customers. Obviously, casinos are all about maximizing profits, so most of them now support mobile gaming. Most platforms offer their games through browsers so that you don’t need to gobble up your phone’s space.

In Conclusion

Online casinos embrace new technology faster than most technologies. So, it’s not surprising that you’ll always find trendy tech happenings on top flight gaming sites. This year, mobile gaming and live dealers are the most prominent trends.

Nearly every casino will attempt to lure you to its mobile gaming or live dealer section. Besides the two trends, AR, VR and 3D slots are other innovations slated to impact the gambling sector significantly.