2019 looks set to be an even bigger year for tattooing. Many people believe that you can become addicted to the pain or the endorphins that are released during the tattooing process. That is fundamentally incorrect; ink fans are just excited about what their next piece will be.

This year, tattoo trends are even more beguiling, so check out the latest tat news here.

Line Tattoos

As gorgeous as full-color ink tattoos are, the biggest trend for this year is line tats. Think of art by Jean Cocteau, not Picasso sketches. There are some really good examples of figure and face outlines tattooed in a stream of consciousness style that look superb. If you are going in for your first ink session, you can’t go wrong by asking for this to be the type of inking.

Inspirational Tattoos

Whether the words are written big or small, inspirational quotes are going to be seen on skin in 2019. When you next read a good book or watch a stellar movie, remember to write it down if you hear anything that has a profound effect on you. If you can’t get the words out of your head, then have them etched in ink on your body.

Tattoo artists have reported some interesting stories about the words people choose. One person was reading a historical book that claimed Marie Antoinette said: “When there is little joy in remembering, it is better to forget.” They had those words inked on their arm.

Red Ink Tattoos

Red ink has been a part of the tattoo color spectrum forever, but this is red on its own. You can choose to have the red matched to your skin tone, or go for a more traditional henna reddish brown, but don’t be tempted to add any other color if you want to stay current.

Engrave Ink

Commemorative tattoos inked in using a product made from the ashes of a loved one go beyond being a trend, and straight into the archives of significant statements. They are etched in with safe to use memorial tattoo ink and have become the ultimate symbol of love, honor, and memory. That irreplaceable family pet can be commemorated in this way as well.

Mountain Tattoos

The popularity of tattoos of mountains is a side-product of the line tattoo trend. The mountain is sketched in with a few, minimal lines, more of a symbol than a full-blown mountain artwork. If there is a mountain of special significance in your life or you are lucky enough to have one near the town where you live, have the outline of the peak inked in.

Sunflower Tattoos

Think color, full ink coverage, and Van Gogh. If that is a little too much for you to commit to, a basic small sunflower bloom and stem will be sufficient. An outline or one color job won’t cut it. If you choose a sunflower symbol, it has to be in color and as natural as possible.

Always be a responsible tattoo recipient and enjoy these trends for 2019.