Many people think that being able to obtain a celebrity status on Instagram is something to feed your ego, but that is not true, especially if you are in Instagram with a goal to expand your business. By obtaining this status, you will serve more as a magnet to attract instant Instagram followers. Once you become the celebrity expert, your target audience will take your words seriously and be willing to see what you have to share. Here are few things to remember when harnessing the power of stardom on Instagram:

Aim Big, Start Small

Being a celebrity is not easy. People have varied impressions and opinions about famous personalities. However, if you start a campaign or groundwork at a small scale, it will be easier for people to approach you and connect with you. Be comfortable and work on building a rapport. Once that’s done, expand your business or status to the next level. There is no short-cut in the long run. Wait for success to come and do the hard and smart work.

Identify smaller organizations that you can help with your services and products, connect and engage with them, understand their market – all this will give you a good time to improvise and grow at a steady pace. Bring on a strategy to target the next level of organizations or audiences.

Partnering with like-minded organizations to achieve your goals can bring in more ideas and positivity and help you as well as the other organization grow. Also, in such a case, division of responsibility becomes easier than doing everything from scratch and not getting right results for it. To have an effective partnership, do the ground work before approaching them. Get to know their members and strategies. Follow their posts and find a way to get in there – as a volunteer or by working in a common event. Post useful and humble comments on their posts (with your hashtag). This will increase your visibility on their page.

Similarly, post about their events and other happenings on your page. You can use WordSwag App to create posts from the quotes you hear from any of their events. Tag them while posting about them, so that get to know you are posting good stuff about them. This will help you in aligning with an industry leader.

Take The First Step In Building The Relationship

As I wrote earlier, tag the other influential organization – let’s say – one post per 2 weeks – using the @ symbol and list its social media username – to post content. This will give wider visibility to your post and Instagram will show the post to their followers even if they aren’t your followers. More importantly, the organization will know that you are posting about them or posting something that’s relevant to them.

Take the time to respond to queries and comments that you get on those posts – this will give them an idea about your expertise in the matter of interest. Eventually, this will help you gain their trust and build a good relationship with them, as well as, give you a better position in your field.

Hit The Bull’s Eye

It’s only natural for you to be aptly dressed for all occasions and be photographed. Such parties and occasions are a regular feat and give you an advantage of being seen and taking photos with all the important people. Proactively meet all the important people in any event and take photographs with them. Greet them in a manner that they can remember you. You may feel this is totally bizarre but having contacts and building new ones is the key for all the marketing and business expansion strategies to work. Be well informed about the event and who is going to show up for the event. Based on that, do some research on what you can talk with the VIPs on the event day. Have a light conversation with the important personalities – this will certainly make them remember you.

Feature Celebrities In Your Posts

Once you are able to develop a good relation with some important or key personalities, request them to do an interview for you. Post this interview in a blog and create a stylish introduction for the person and for your blog. Make it eye-catching but no-nonsense stuff. This will help you build credibility with the organization and its key members. Create Instagram posts using the quotes from the interview and caption them with your own thoughts. Tag them in all the posts that you are posting. By putting in all the effort, you will help you win the status of a star and make your opinion count in the Instagram world.