The number of birth rates in the U.S. stately declines. The reason for this is the lack of desire to start a family. Very few people decide to settle down. Recently, people, mostly women, are prioritizing their career. Their needs come first.

It is very difficult for women to balance their career and family. Especially in this extremely competitive marketplace. That’s why older women dating younger men is nothing new. Since women dedicate years to their work, dating comes last. After the years’ pass, women love meeting much younger men. They decide to give dating a second chance.

Choosing a Successful Career

Having kids and a life-long partner sounds like a commitment for many. It is an investment that takes both time and money. That’s the main reason why many women decide to focus on themselves. They do what’s in their best interest. It is much easier to make decisions or choices when there is no one who depends on them.

Well, there are both positive and negative things for choosing this lifestyle. The positive things are money, time, energy, and self-improvement. Living single means having more money to spend. No one else depends on that money. Time is also a valuable commodity. People with children can’t find the time to dedicate a single moment for themselves. They lack the energy to do it.

Being single for a long time gives the opportunity to improve, especially at work. There is so much place to grow it is impossible to do it in a short amount of time. Taking risks is also a benefit of this lifestyle. It is just part of the game. So, women with a career will find it much easier to focus on that career rather than to function on multiple fronts.

Single Women Looking for Men

To spice things up, many women look for a date. Not a serious one, of course. But, the one who will be fun, energetic, enthusiastic, and maybe a bit romantic. The goal is to have some fun. Nothing too serious. Nothing that would compromise their single life.

After all, the single life is a dream for many women. Not many women would let someone stand in between their freedom and self-improvement. So, looking for a one time date is all the rage now.

Choosing the Married Life

For a successful marriage, dedication, loyalty, and respect come first. For many, this first step is the most difficult one. It is like a test. Those who pass it get to live a life full of excitement, joy, love, and a bit of positive drama.

Having children is challenging. But, raising them with a dedicated spouse makes things much easier. Spouses should function as a team. This type of love can’t be bought. People who love each other decide to spend their life together. They are fortunate enough to have kids who will make them feel at home.
The family has a deeper meaning. It creates an unbreakable bond. Such a connection keeps things in perspective. Choosing married life means it is time to learn about compassion and empathy. The key to a successful marriage is finding the right balance. How to keep the emotions in check, how to plan time and still be able to keep that spark in the relationship.

Is It Possible to Have Both?

Fortunately, it is. There is a way to focus on the career and spend time with the family. First and foremost is keeping your family time and work time separately. That’s right. You should dedicate a specific amount of time to each of them.

It will be difficult at first to resist the urge of checking the recent e-mail from a client. But, keeping work and family separated is the best thing to do. This is how it is possible to achieve that balance. By doing this, you can avoid damaging your relationship and marriage.

It is sometimes important to work outside of the office. But, the family should be a top priority. Being constantly available for the superiors is a great way to get that promotion. But, at what cost? To have both a successful career and marriage, it is crucial not to jeopardize the relationship.

Marriage can be a bit draining. But, the neglecting family can put a huge strain on the family. So, you will argue a lot. In the end, all that arguing will make it incredibly difficult to concentrate at work. Being a parent comes first. Even if it sounds crazy, it is possible to have a good job and family.

So, whether to choose a career or marriage? They both have their ups and downs. It is possible to pick either or both. Finding the right balance is the key to having it all. Having support from a lovable spouse makes life a lot easier.