Variety of wallpaper kinds is incredibly huge as it is a very high-demand material for finishing works.

Trendy kinds of wallpaper

Everyone can choose wallpaper according to available budget and own preferences.

To date, the most popular options include:

  • non-woven fabric wallpaper. This option is highly resistant to mechanical ruptures and features soundproofing properties. It is easy to paste on a wall as it does not stretch or deform. It is eco-friendly and safe, difficult to ignite and resistant to moisture;
  • photo wallpaper is in the spotlight now. It differs from the usual wallpaper with a photo image printed on it, which creates a real picture when pasted on a wall. Recently, so-called 3D photo wallpaper has become very trendy This wallpaper can be cleaned with water;
  • paper-based wallpaper. This is the most inexpensive and classic option. When being pasted on a wall, this wallpaper can be easily ruptured or stretched, so you should work with it carefully. Over time, this wallpaper may a bit lose its initial colors and fade in the sun. Obvious benefits of this option include the oxygen permeability and the absence of any harmful impacts on health;
  • vinyl wallpaper is extremely durable. When being pasted on a wall, it perfectly retains the shape and does not stretch. It is very long-lasting and more expensive than paper-based options. This
  • wallpaper is resistant to fungus and mechanical damages. It does not change its color under long-term exposure to the sun and can be easily washed even with the use of sponges;
    liquid wallpaper is quite pricey. But this option does not require to smooth out the wall before pasting it. This material conceals minor imperfections and flaws;
  • textile wallpaper. It is made of several layers, one of which is fabric-based. It is very durable. Such wallpaper looks very nice in the interior.

Advantages of online store for buying wallpaper

The range of wallpapers is extremely extensive, so the purchase process may be a bit confusing. To do this, you need to allocate the time, go to a large specialized shop, study a huge range of options, and ask the adviser for help.

If you buy wallpaper in an online store, everything is much easier. There is a detailed description of all available options, their pros and cons, and a product catalog with high quality photos.

You just need to pick up the version you like, calculate the quantity you need, and place your order. Most stores deliver the order within the shortest terms and, upon customer’s wish, can ship it to any place.