Does it come to you as a surprise that the fastest growing tourist destinations in Europe cover the eastern block? Yes, tales of luxury binge-drinking parties and weekend escapades found across Slavic nations reach legendary status. And what’s the reputation like? It’s low-cost, teeming with women who are gorgeous beyond this world, and national cuisines are celebrated worldwide – some just don’t know it yet. It’s perks like these that attract an ever-growing entourage of bachelors to pick Slavic destinations as their before they tie the knot.

It’s said that after hard times that recently passed, people in these lands never stopped celebrating life. Folks here are more open-hearted. It’s in their culture to consider hospitality seriously on a personal level. Today we will cover five of the hottest Slavic destinations for your stag do adventure.

Riga – Latvia

Adrenaline-fuelled daytime activities in stunning natural surroundings will make your stag do weekend in Riga an unforgettable one. This is one of the youngest European stag do capitals, which is home to a wild club scene that attracts a myriad of bachelor party-goers every weekend. Due to its size and convenient accessibility, Riga offers each and every stag crew a unique opportunity to enjoy action-packed amenities and nightlife perks without spending a fortune. With some of the most affordable drink prices in Europe and breathtaking architectural scenery, Riga positions itself higher and higher on tourist destination rankings every day. Anchor with your best men into this Baltic jewel and discover the legendary beauty of Latvian women. Discover why so many people come back to this magnificent city long even after their big day!

Warsaw – Poland

Located in the heart of Poland, this youthful city became a hotspot for many bachelor crews in the past years. After devastating recent past, inhabitants of this Slavic paradise started to welcome everyone with open arms. Tightly packed and very wide in its size, this city challenges everyone to cover all of the famous landmarks in such a short time. During the day, everywhere you set your sights, you will feel the echo of the turbulent past that built this party house. But, when the night falls upon this city, that’s where your bachelor adventure really begins! Imagine the neverending nights in the Vodka capital of the world where hundreds of different parties take place every night. All along the Vistula river and City Center, the popular nightlife scene is thriving and blooming. Don’t stop that imagination, because your stag do getaway will depend on it in this glorious city of the youth.

Bratislava – Slovakia

Hidden from the sight of western tourists for many years, this Slavic gem is shiny enough to grab anyone’s attention these days. Being smaller in size than other cities on this list this city might give your crew a more cozy feeling during your stay. Nevertheless, Bratislava never lacked the necessary components every proper bachelor holiday recipe needs to have. If you are looking to book a place for your best men in a city where you can find an exotic touch of Renaissance past with high-quality cheap drinks and Slavic cuisine, then look no further. Bratislava has it all. With the biggest growing club scene in this part of Europe, this city is positioning itself higher and higher among stag crews eager to have some serious fun.
After a beautiful cruise along the Danube, embark into inner-city circles to lose your mind in lavish nightclubs where you will never have to spend a fortune.

Prague – Czech Republic

No Slavic tourist destination is complete without the capital city of the Czech Republic. Even more so, no stag do arrangements can go without at least considering Prague as your perfect destination for the wildest nights! With the title “Amsterdam of Eastern Europe”, many tourists are turning to this city to escape the routine stag do holiday arrangements of Western Europe.
Home to second biggest Red Light District in the world and hailed as the Beer capital of the planet, these two facts alone can already kick off your perfect bachelor weekend. Parties with imaginably gorgeous girls that can last for days is common practice for Prague. Your minds and memory cards will also be packed with stunning architectural scenery that earned this city the title as “the Golden City”. It’s no wonder that this city attracts more bachelor crews than any other Slavic counterpart.

Sofia – Bulgaria

Sofia is where the combination of unique Slavic cuisine, cheapest accommodation, and high-octane party vibe of Eastern Europe takes place. What this city lacks in size, it makes up in possibilities. With bachelor crews from all across the planet coming in ever-growing numbers, you are sure to get your kicks out of this city.
Balkan generosity is known far and wide and people from Sofia never lacked the opportunity to make their guests feel welcomed. With hot clubs, bars and casinos covering every part of this amazing old city, you will find yourself trapped in all sorts of reasonably priced possibilities! Remember, Sofia is a dream stag do destination, especially if you want to spend much less on your final days of bachelordom.