Temperatures are getting warmer and the days are getting longer. We are approaching the time of year again where spring cleaning comes to mind. Some many enjoy this time of the year and others may try to avoid spring cleaning. But there’s no better time to start getting your home cleaned up. If you are one of those people that prefer to leave your housework up to someone else then there are cleaning services in Burlington that can get the job done for you.

This spring cleaning season reflect back since the last time you did a purge. Assess which rooms in your home need the most work. Use this time to do the housework tasks you always put off. Freshen up toilets, wash bed sheets and mop floors. Below are a few tips to direct you down the right path of getting your home together for spring.


Is it your pantry? Perhaps a drawer or maybe an entire room. We all have that special place in our home where we accumulate a lot of different items. We tend to just leave items in that area believing we will one day tackle that mess. Well, today is the day. Go to that pantry, drawer or room and tackle all the piles of junk and clutter. Organize two piles. In one pile place items you know you need and the other pile should be full of items you do not need. More than likely you’re pile of unneeded items will outnumber your pile of needed items. Your storage room should be neatly organized. Put smaller items into containers. Bigger items should be pushed along the walls. Have a clear walkway in your storage room. Try to keep things as tidy as possible so you’ll only have to organize and clean your storage area sporadically.


Closets tend to be one of the top places that are in desperate need for cleaning and organizing. One of the main reasons why closets need decluttering is because sometimes closets are filled with unwanted and unworn items. Closets can sometimes also become storage areas where other non-clothing related items are. Aim to have your closets as neat as possible. Create a pile of clothing and shoes that you no longer wear. Any items that do not fit properly need to be put in this pile that should be given away to someone or donated. You may even discover brand new clothing with price tags still attached. This could be a sign of buying unneeded items. Either way aim to keep your closet organized.

Also don’t be too lazy to hand up clothing and fold clothing. When we do not put our clothing its proper place it can easily be transferred to the floor or to another place where it does not belong.


People easily skip over cleaning out their refrigerator during spring cleaning season. Throwing out food is one thing but actually cleaning the refrigerator is another thing. Germs can easily settle into the refrigerator. Pieces of food and crumbs get dropped in the refrigerator. If you look close enough you will probably discover stains or stick pots on the inside of your refrigerator. Pull everything out of the refrigerator. Any expired foods or old foods that are not being eaten anymore need to be tossed into the trash. Before putting any food back into refrigerator wipe down the inside of the refrigerator completely. Then reorganize your refrigerator. You’ll notice more space and how clean everything looks on the inside. Don’t forget to wipe down the outside and the handles of the refrigerator.


Let’s go outside the home to the garage. Some people have perfect garages with not a speck of clutter laying anywhere in their garage. As for others, their garages are breeding grounds for clutter. A garage is not only a place for cars but also an additional place for storage. You will often find garages filled with items that were never properly disposed, broken items or items that have not put into their proper place. Get a few trash bags or even a dumpster and clean out your garage this spring cleaning season.

Any items you decide to keep must be essential item that are put into their proper place.

You’ll be surprised to see what a difference a thorough cleaning does to your home. Your home will feel more inviting and welcoming. You’ll see your home through a different pair of eyes. If you keep things tidy, next spring cleaning season will be even easier.