So, you’ve finally decided to get hitched, right? It’s time to bid bachelorhood a sweet goodbye, but before bidding adieu to your singlehood, it’s time to enjoy the moment. The bride’s hen do is a memorable experience. It gives you a chance to chill out with some of your best buddies before you become a ‘Mrs.’

Hatch a plan to get wasted. Make your way to a bar for an all-girls night out. You can even plan a nice shopping date with your ladies over the weekend. If you’re a movie buff, then go watch a movie and take the ladies along. There are 10,000 different ways of organising a breathtaking evening. All depends on your budget. Furthermore, if you have access to adequate finances, then you can also go for hen weekends in Liverpool .

The bride-to-be and her hens share a special bond. It’s time to make the hens feel special. As a bride, you can do a lot of things in order to make your bachelor’s weekend special. Take your hens to Liverpool and have a gala time with them. Of late, Liverpool has become one of the most popular hen party destinations for young brides-to-be.

Here are some things you can plan in order to make the hens night special. The best part is: these won’t end up creating a hole in your pocket.

Here are a few innovative ideas which can be explored by you

Make some goodie bags

That’s a cost-effective way of getting the conversations going. The hens will talk about it for a long-long time. Prepare some goodie bags containing drinking cups, a photograph of the gang, some snacks, chocolates, and name tags (badges). You can give each of the hens a quirky name.

A photobook sounds great as well

Prepare a bride’s photobook and write a special message for each of your friends. Now, this one’s quite simple and doable, right? You can skim through the photo gallery of your smartphone or laptop if you want to get your hands on some of the old photos. It will take a good amount of time, but the experience is truly worth it.

Get a cake

That’s a simple thing to do. Get your name written in the center. The name of each member from your squad can also be mentioned on the cake. Get a photograph clicked. You can also get some quirky and interesting messages written on the cake. Something like “Ask him to do the dishes on the weekend” would surely catch the bride-to-be’s attention.

Organize a mystery activity

Surprise, surprise! Organizing a mystery activity is definitely a great way to have a good time with the hens. You can organize the same over a few drinks. Get the hens to sketch a nude or something of that sort. This way, nobody will be able to guess what’s in store. This exercise can be followed up with a small prize-distribution ceremony.

Deliver a funny speech

Okay, so this one’s going to be quite interesting. After the celebrations are over, deliver a small speech that sums up your journey through the ups and downs of bachelorhood. Tell the hens that you love them and that you’re gonna miss each one of them. Revisit the time you’ve spent together, the crushes you’ve had and the promises you made during your days at college.

Get a temporary tattoo

Getting a temporary hens party tattoo. All your girls would surely like it. You can opt for some innovative tattoos and designs. Get tattoos that describe you as well as your hens in three words. For instance: “The Bride Tribe”, “I am taken”, and so on. It’s your day with your ladies. Enjoy it to the fullest.

Make a video of the celebration

Capture the celebrations on a tape. Make a video of all the proceedings. The video will stay with you for the rest of your life. You can always revisit these memories after marriage whenever you miss your lovely ladies.

That’s all, folks!