Undeniably, the living room is the social centre of most homes. This is where all your family and friends converge. This makes it important to have a cozy and elegant living room. And, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have one. With simple DIY living room ideas, you can incorporate your personal style and enhance the look of your living room.

Easy DIY Living Room Décor Ideas

  • Make a Masterpiece: Anyone can be an artist, if they try. Buy a canvas and use paints of your favourite colours to make some easy geometric shapes, overlapping each other. Let the paints dissolve into one another and create your own masterpiece. If you don’t like something abstract, use your canvas to paste photographs, pieces of different textured fabrics or create something using different stencils.
  • Exhibit Collections: Almost everyone has a habit of collecting things. You can take an empty frame and stick old stamps and postcards, antique coins or even your treasured chocolate letters. You can flaunt your collection of books or plates and dishes that your grandmother gifted. Leave a hint of your personal style in your living room décor.
  • Mason Jar Art: Mason jars can be used for making easy living room designs. You can turn these jars into pots for plants or use them as candle holders. Use hot glue and paste some jute ropes around the jar. You can decorate the jar using sea shells, glitter or pearls. You can even hang them near your windows for a unique look.

  • Honeycomb Shelf: A honeycomb shelf is one of the best DIY living room ideas. With some old wooden planks and proper tools, you can create unique storage spaces. A honeycomb is a hexagonal shape that is very functional as well as aesthetic. It is a perfect balance of form and function.
  • Painted Bottle Vases: Have you been throwing away your used glass bottles in the garbage? These bottles can create easy living room designs and add allure to the room. Paint them in bold or neutral hues, according to the colour scheme of the room. They can hold fresh flowers and plants and perhaps be kept on the coffee table.

  • Rustic Photo Ladder: Have you dumped an old, rustic wooden ladder in your garage? It is time to take it out! Clean and paint the wooden ladder with bold colours and stick your favourite photographs on its steps. This will create an elegant photo time line for your guests to look at.
  • Knitted Rug: Knitting can be tedious, but with simple DIY knitting ideas, you can make an elegant and eye-catching rug with things like thread, wool, ropes or even your old t-shirts and towels. You can make some complementing the wall colour of your living room or you can go bold and spread rainbow colours on your floor.

These simple DIY living room décor ideas will definitely leave your guests stunned. Transform your living room into a warm, comfortable, inviting and elegant space.