Many people have psychic abilities but in varied forms. However, they are often ignored or go unnoticed. Adults or parents are usually quick to notice other people’s psychic abilities, especially kids. People also tend to think that psychic abilities are evil or involve black magic. However, that’s not true.

Almost every human being has a psychic behaviour. However, they’re ignored, individuals fail to recognize the signs or delay in discovering them. Many people keep wondering, am I psychic?
Here Are Seven Signs That Could Indicate A Person Is Psychic:
Top 7 Signs of being Psychic

1. Visions

Having visions often? If a person often has future visions, they’re likely to be psychic. Whether a person has the visions several hours or days before they happen, they have psychic abilities. It doesn’t matter whether a person gets the visions while asleep or when fully awake. They’re all psychic.

2. Telepathic Occurrences

Experiencing a mind to mind connection? Some people feel they can read through other people’s thoughts. Are they the type that can send messages through the mind? If an individual experiences some such signs, they have telepathic experiences. Telepathic moments truly signify that a person is psychic.

3. Evidence of Psychometry

Psychometry is one obvious trait of a psychic. It is a psychic ability that enables a person to tell someone else’s past life upon touching them. Psychics have power and knowledge because they only need to be around or touch something to know about places, people, and objects.
For instance, a person with psychometry abilities can sense smell, taste or even hear sounds of another person’s past.

4. Levels of Intuition

It takes a higher level of intuition for a person to ever predict the sender of messages or caller to an individual’s phone even before checking them. An individual with the ability to predict an event before it happens may be having psychic abilities. It is the step towards discovering the psychic gift a person might possess.

5. Gut Feelings

A strong gut feeling that always turns out to be true or correct may be a strong sign of being psychic. Psychic people can see or feel an event before it happens or just when it is about to happen.

6. Sensing Troubles

Some people can also sense trouble before it happens. Sometimes, people are hit with great fear and impact of a loved one or someone known to the individual being in trouble. Most of the times, the individuals cannot explain what they feel or sense until they get to know of what’s happening or has happened. It is a clear indication of having psychic abilities.

7. Vivid Dreams

People with psychic abilities have powerful vivid dreams they can remember detail by detail when they wake up. The dream symbols have their meanings, usually connected to the person’s life experience. Most of these vivid dreams tend to recur, an indication of what is happening in real life.

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