Whether you are remodeling your old bathroom or building a new one, updating your shower is always a good idea. The shower is the place where you can do your best designing and add style to your bathroom. A beautiful shower design can uplift the decor of the entire bathroom. It can also add value to your property as all buyers want a stylish and functional bathroom design. But a shower cannot be only about style; comfort is also important. However, there are many ways to bring some style to your shower design without compromising on comfort. We have collected a list of shower design ideas that can help you give your shower a completely new look. These ideas are easy to implement and give your shower a stylish and elegant look while keeping it cozy.

Utilize Space with Corner Shower

A corner shower can be a great way to effectively utilize your existing space. A corner shower, as the name suggests, is in the corner of the bathroom. A corner space is an awkward area to design. Using it for shower design can help you use other areas more effectively. Creating an enclosed shower with bright colored tiles and modern fixtures can effectively separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom while looking elegant and stylish.

Build Wall Niches for Storage

Wall niches offer a great storage space in the shower. Using regular metal fixtures to store shower essentials can give the shower a smooth finish. However, over time these fixtures can lose color, fade, or rust making your shower look worn and old. Wall niches are small niches recessed in the shower walls that offer storage space while using the shower. As these niches are also part of the wall, they don’t fade or rust. There is no fear of them breaking or falling off due to excess weight, etc. Moreover, they look like a part of your wall and hence give a streamlined and elegant look.

Invest In Shower Wall Panels

Ceramic tiles are often our go to options when it comes to shower walls. They have a large variety of options and are waterproof on the surface. However, the grout surrounding the tiles is not waterproof and can become discolored by mold, mildew, and other fungi over time. However, shower panels made of PVC offer a completely waterproof, hygienic, low-maintenance, and cost-effective alternative to shower tiles. Nowadays, it is easy to shop for shower panels in affordable prices in showrooms and even online. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and textures. Plus they are also eco-friendly and energy-efficient. They can give your shower and bathroom a stylish, clean, and seamless look.

Go for Shower/ Bathtub Combination

When building a bathroom or remodeling an old one, one question we all face is whether to use a bathtub or go for a shower only. The choice depends on the space available and your personal preferences. However, experts say that if you have enough space, going for a shower and bathtub combination is a good idea. You can unify the look by using the same materials to design the shower walls and bathtub surround. This design deftly ties two facilities together and gives them a unified and seamless look which is elegant and attractive. Moreover, having both shower and bathtub in the bathroom can increase the value of your property.

Shower with Sloped Ceiling

When you need to build a bathroom in a sloped area, it becomes difficult to adjust the features and make the room more spacious. In such cases, you can use the sloped part of the room for the shower stall. This way you can effectively utilize the sloped area while creating a focal point for the shower. Positioning the shower under a sloping roofline makes it look dramatic and surprisingly spacious. Place the showerhead on the wall opposite of the sloped wall and add a niche or bench on the sloped side to make use of the existing space.

Maximize Natural Light

Showers tend to be dark which leads us to adding waterproof bath-rated fixtures in them. However, these fixtures can be expensive and harder to maintain. A cheaper, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative is to increase the natural light in the bathroom. If you can get it, natural light is the best alternative to give your bathroom a bright and cheerful look. Add windows or combine a corner unit with frameless glass walls to increase the flow of light in the showers. For bathroom on the roof you can even add well-positioned skylights to maximize light. Frameless shower units or tempered glass walls can also achieve the desired result.

Add a Shower Bench

Another great way of adding interest and comfort to your shower is to add a shower bench. Shower seating can be of many types. You can have wall-attaches platforms to offer seating alternatives in a large shower. Or you can also install a curved bench covered in attractive tiles to create a comfortable seating. However, adding seating to a shower can be a tricky process. You will have to ensure the tiles you use are not slippery and offer enough friction to let you enjoy a comfortable shower without being afraid of slipping and falling! You can bring some color, pattern, and visual interest to the shower with this addition.

Shower with Partial Walls

Another interesting shower design idea is to use partial walls for the shower. This usually means the lower half of the shower walls in proper concrete or tiled walls. However, the upper half is made of glass panels that look great and create visual interest. They also let in some light and make the showers less dull and dark. Plus they offer a welcome sense of enclosure while making the shower feel light and airy. Adding colorful mosaic tile work can further enhance the beauty and elegance of this shower design.

All these ideas can enhance the look and feel of your shower making it a place you can really enjoy. Choosing eco-friendly and functional options that also look great can help you build a durable yet stylish shower that is the focal point of your bathroom.