ExpoMarketing is a perfect example of a branding company capable of transforming your marketing goals and aspirations into certain realities.

Putting up a trade show display is an intricate process best left to the experienced designers. Brands require exquisite, unique and bold design lightboxes to communicate to their intended clients. Partner up with trusted and reliable exhibition booth customization experts to create eye-catching booths that will mesmerize everyone who beholds them at the trade fairs.

Here are the latest custom lightbox solutions offered here.

The lightboxes by ExpoMarketing are without a doubt in a superior class of their own. These products are not only aesthetically appealing, but they are sustainable, as well.

First off though, here are four poignant factors to delve into when looking for the perfect lighting options for your setup.

  • Go for lights with a moderate intensity
  • Secure lights that complement your brand’s colors
  • Use LED bulbs for vibrant layouts
  • Choose an ideal lights layout

Portable Lightboxes for trade shows

These lightboxes are conveniently engineered for mobility. These products are compact and lightweight in nature and therefore, quite easy to haul from one trade show to the next. The lights come with ergonomically designed fitting boxes for safe handling. What’s more, these components are remarkably easy to assemble and take apart and users don’t require hiring costly professional help.

Custom shape and size lightboxes

At ExpoMarketing, you can request for a custom lightbox that suits your preferred specifications in minutes. Customers don’t always have to go with the conventional rectangular or square-shaped lightboxes. This branding company creates personalized angled lightboxes of all sizes for its esteemed customers.

Reach out to the representatives of this accredited and trusted exhibition booths manufacturer and have them start work on your specific branding project without any delays. Unlike other service providers, this company will always ensure your exhibition stand gets completed and shipped right on time for that auspicious trade show in your town.

Retail Store Lightboxes

ExpoMarketing is the company you want to partner up with for customized lightbox solutions to add to your office and retail spaces. The establishment will provide you with either a wall mounted lightbox or a freestanding solution depending on your tastes, space, and budget.

With the LED lights, you don’t have to worry about bloated energy costs. LED lights infused on the displays are great energy savers. You can leave the LED lights on for extended durations without having to worry about getting higher-than-normal electricity costs at the months’ end.

Accessorized Boxes

Nowadays, many customers are interested in getting accessories for the purchased lightboxes. These accessories are meant to enhance the overall functionality of the boxes. The popular accessories include acrylic shelves, waterfall racks, and monitor mounts.

Once a customer places their light box order with the company, they’ll receive price estimates. If the customer is alright with the quoted rates then the designing job takes off. It takes no more than 10 business days for this trade show branding solutions provider to design and build a standard lightbox for a customer.

If you are pressed of the time and can’t hold on for the 10 days to get your ordered boxes, however, the company makes exceptions, but you end up paying higher costs.

A typical lightbox has an outer frame comprised of aluminum and the fabric graphic is made of a High Density dye-sublimated silicone gel. To get a clear glimpse of the vast array of attractive and amazing boxes up for grabs to the customers of ExpoMarketing, just visit their project galleries now.