Bridal lehengas are special and they are a timeless addition to your trousseau, so you simply cannot go wrong with it. The week-long festivities require you to deck up in the most beautiful dresses ever. But, when it comes to the main event, your sartorial choices must reach a crescendo, after all, it’s your marriage and you have to look your most special on that day.

You need the perfect lehenga choli as this memory will be preserved for posterity. While it is always difficult to choose between a sari and lehenga for the event, a lehenga always offers more movement and comfort and if it is not too heavy you will be able to while away the hours in hopefully, not too much of distress!

Yes, let’s get this straight a wedding outfit is always heavy not to forget the added accessories and what not. So, your sartorial choices dictate a lot of things. Choosing right thus becomes the most important factor. If you have your big day coming up and stressing over the fact that you haven’t been able to select the right outfit. Well, don’t lose sleep over it as we will help you pick the outfit of your dreams and you can shop the latest collection of bridal lehenga choli with ease.

Top Bridal Lehenga Choli Designs to Wear at your Wedding

The wedding is certainly one of the most special days of your life and you. So, in order to look your best, find out which one suits you best, that is suits your body type and your preference and the kind of ceremony you are going to have. If you are someone who wants to look beautiful, traditional and modern all at the same time. Here are 10 lehenga cholis designs that can help you inch closer to your ideal lehenga choli.

1. Anarkali Lehenga

Anarkali has been in vogue for ages and till today women cannot have enough of it. In this style, the so-called, “choli” is replaced by a long Anarkali that covers most of your skirt or lehenga. You can also throw in an embellished shrug and you nail the not-so-typical wedding look. This is an opulent look that enriches your wardrobe for years to come.

2. Ombre Lehenga

Ombre is probably the most talked about look this wedding season. The ombre lehenga choli is something which will make you stand out from the common crowd. The ombre color trend and the beautiful embellishments and embroidery add to the overall appeal of the look. Gone are the days when there were just a few color palette to choose from, bright colors in general and red in particular. But nowadays you blend different colors beautifully, sometimes the colors are light and summery and pastel, so now you do not have to conform to any set rules. Such a relief for new-age brides-to-be.

3. The trail-setter

The trail is one of the top trends doing the rounds when it comes to Indian bridal lehengas. It blends the western influences with Indian traditions. A trail in your lehenga enhances the look of your wedding lehenga considerably. You can either have a short trail or a floor-sweeping one, it completely depends on the type of lehenga you want. Usually, the trails are heavily embellished and give a gown like feeling giving you your very own princess-like moment. It completely adds that wow factor that elevates your look to the next level.

4. Mirror and crystal lehenga choli

The lehenga cholis beautifully encrusted with mirrors and crystals are everything you need to nail your wedding outfit. Since you want your outfit to stand out, select an outfit that epitomizes glamor and razzmatazz. If embroidery and going completely traditional is not quite your thing, buy something that is etched with dainty crystals and is lightly embellished, team it with an off-shoulder choli and you will find literally all eyes on you admiring your sartorial choice.

5. Jacket Lehenga

The jacket lehenga is the trend of all trends now. It enhances your silhouette and looks absolutely stunning on the D-Day. The jacket-trend actually takes you back to a bygone era where it all about regal touches and royal feel. The jacket is usually made up of silk, crepe or tulle, and royally embellished to cater to the traditional look, which every bride wants to adhere to.

6. Long sleeved lehenga cholis

Long sleeved lehenga cholis are much sought-after these days. This trend is another look that helps your arm look slim and toned and you can even sport high necklines that look royal and classy at the same time. Our tinsel town divas are also sporting this trend with great aplomb and you could follow suit adding your own unique touch to the whole look.

7. The more ruffles the better

The ruffle lehengas are big this season, actually, ruffle anything is stealing the spotlight and for all the right reasons. The ruffles are all over your dupattas, blouses and of course your lehengas. It is dramatic, its pretty and oh-so-glam!

8. Contrast it out with a dupatta

Dupattas are an integral part of your wedding trousseau. This time instead of choosing bold colors, choose chic colors such as powder blue, blush pink, ivory, gold, silver in the works. These contrasting dupattas go with any and every color. Play it out with dark and light colors. It looks amazing and oh-so-chic!

So if you are someone on the threshold of being a bride, showcase your unique style in the best way possible. You can try out different styles within the paradigm of some age-old norms and still set trends and look modern and look the part of the new-age bride today. As we have already mentioned, it is all about you and what you want on that special day. While looking good is certainly on the agenda, looking individualistic and totally you should be topmost on your priority list. Why should you be the carbon-copy of someone you adore. Do your research and invest your time and ideas in the lehenga-making process, let your wedding day be as unique and as beautiful as you are.