Most dentists are good dentists, but when it comes to the health of your teeth and your overall oral hygiene, being good is simply not good enough.

1. Shows you respect

One of the best and first indicators of the respect and regard for your time a dentist can show you is the time you spend waiting in the waiting room as well as in the dental chair. Long waiting periods reflect a disregard for your time. It also may be a sign of overbooking, which can be an indication of the priorities of the dentist. Overbooking is a sign that the dentist values potential profits over delivering quality care to each and every patient. For someone interested in quality care, an Aperture Dental dentist, for instance, always respects your time.

Another indicator of respect is regard for your personal financial situation. You should look for a dentist that works with you to ensure you receive the highest quality care at price you can afford.

2. Respects staff

The way in which your dentist interacts with his or her staff can give you a lot of valuable information regarding the quality of care you will receive. A dentist that is respectful, supportive, and kind to the staff will likely treat you the same.

Additionally, a staff that is happy will perform their respective jobs well. For instance, if a dentist is curt with and critical of his or her staff, the staff may not be motivated to do a good job. This can lead to a myriad of problems that will impact you directly, such as billing mistakes or lower quality cleanings.

3. Listens and asks questions

A high-quality dentist is a good listener as well as an accomplished professional in the latest dental techniques. A dentist should take the time to listen to your concerns and allow you to voice your fears. Taking the time to thoroughly explain a procedure is one sign of a stellar dentist.

Because most dental patients did not attend dental school, some dental terms and procedures can be very unsettling. This is where a great dentist will shine. He or she will answer all questions, will not rush to treatment, and will ensure that you do not have any more questions before proceeding with treatment. Finally, your dentist should always give you the time to make a decision about a recommended procedure. If you decide to seek a second opinion, he or she should support that decision.

4. No up-selling

There is nothing worse than a salesman when you are not looking to buy. Up-selling is a technique salesman use to try to get you to purchase a more expensive item, an add-on or an upgrade, for instance, to increase profits. A good dentist will never do this. In fact, you should absolutely avoid a dentist that attempts to sell you a treatment or product that you did not discuss before an examination or treatment begins.

5. Check-in

Any dental treatment can be very stressful. For some people, it can be traumatic. A high-quality dentist is aware of this and will take extra steps to ensure you are okay. In addition to checking in with you throughout a procedure to ensure you are okay and answering any questions, the best dentists follow-up with you.

Additionally, even before you leave the office, a good dentist will provide you with a packet of information explaining exactly what you should expect during your recovery. However, the most important part of the check-in is either later that day or the following day. One of the best signs of a great dentist is when he or she calls you to see how you are recovering and to answer any questions that may have arisen.

6. Includes patient in dental care

You rely on your dentist to provide you all of the necessary education and information to help you maintain good oral health. This includes information regarding basic oral care, explaining any medial issues, and providing you clear information on treatment options. A dentist that takes the time to address all of these issues and does not make you feel rushed is a great dentist.

7. Your comfort

The atmosphere when you first enter the office as well as how you are treated during an exam or procedure will give you a lot information regarding how important your personal comfort level is to the dentist. An environment that is designed to give you a feeling of ease, such as soft music, a comfortable waiting room, and a pleasant staff are all indicators of the high-quality treatment you should expect.

Additionally, a dentist and their hygienist can absolutely be physically gentle as well as emotionally gentle. This means both should make sure that you understand exactly what will happen at each step of the exam, cleaning, or treatment. Finally, your dentist should acknowledge any physical or emotional discomfort you might have by immediately addressing any issues.