Every year there are more than 50,000 victims of burn injuries in the United States. A burn injury can be caused by fire burn, sun or steam burn, thermal injury working in chemical factories, and also through negligence, explosions, car injuries, etc. The burn injury is painful and can also be fatal if not treated on time. You can contact a burn injury attorney to help you get compensation for the burn injury that covers past and future expenses and compensates for loss of earnings, psychological and emotional pain, and enjoyment in life.

Types of burn injuries

They can be caused due to fire, explosion, workplace burns, dealing with chemicals and boiling liquids, exposure to radiation, and vehicle accidents, due to flaming materials, etc. These burns could be temporary or permanent. In any case, you can seek the help of a burn injury lawyer counsel. US laws are formulated to protect people who work in the hazardous environments leading to burns. A burn injury law firm understands the devastating effect of burns and its severity and works towards getting the right compensation that protects your life and helps you get compensation through various legal options. This is how burn injuries are classified in legal procedures.

Thermal injuries

When the layer of the skin is burnt by being in direct contact of fire or flames and leads to injuries, or being in prolonged contact with fire leads to thermal burns. You can get financial compensation in this scenario.

Chemical burns

Those who work in factories or places where they come in contact with chemicals, liquids, acids, and other industrial products which have harmful chemicals, could lead to chemical burns. The cell damage due to these types of burns could be permanent. You could contact a burn injury attorney and know what kind of compensation you can get for a chemical burn injury.

Scald burns

Children or people of any age could suffer from burn injuries from hot liquids. These types of injuries can be mild or life-threatening depending on their severity. Cooking-related, hot water burns, and spilling of hot water liquids due to negligence can get you compensation when you contact a burn injury attorney.

The intensity of burn injuries

The compensation you get for the first degree, second degree, and third-degree burns can be decided by a burn injury attorney. The intensity, diameter of the burn, and its permanence are taken into account when filing for settlement and compensation. You need to have all of your medical bills and prescriptions in place when looking for an attorney.

Malfunctioning injury

If you suffer from burn injuries caused due to the malfunctioning of electric wires, you can file for a settlement. This could happen at home or place of work. Landlords are required to ensure that all the wires are in place before renting the house. While accidents are also caused due to tenant negligence, many factors are taken into account when filing for a settlement caused due to burning injuries.

Product liability

When using a certain product leads to burn injuries you can file a claim. If you were using the product the way it is intended and still lead to injuries you are liable for a claim. If the injury is also caused because of the product defect you can contact a burn injury attorney for getting compensation.

Type of compensation for burn injuries

You can file a claim for personal and physical injuries, disfigurement, disability, loss of income, medical bills, property damage, mental and emotional pain and suffering, and loss of earning capacity. You can get financial compensation in the form of reimbursement, cost incurred for medical treatment, and the anguish you had to go through due to burning injuries.

Duration to file for settlement

Different states have set various timeframes for filing a settlement. For instance, the victim of burn injury gets up to 2 years to file a claim on an average after the injury has occurred. Therefore post any accident it is essential to contact a burn injury attorney to know about the legal proceedings and how you can quickly you can get compensation for the injuries you experienced.