Security-wise, the first line of defense we have is our fence. As we don’t know what might happen next, we should learn the importance of security fences. After all, prevention is better than cure. It’s safer to stop possible intruders from invading a property than reporting intrusion after the damage has been done.

Security fencing does a little more than what regular fences can do. It’s the form of fencing that considers the risks of potential thieves and keeps them out. Typically, these types of fences focus on being an obstacle for intruders in and around the property.

Choosing a High Security Fence for Your Home

The type of high security fence to use depends on its purpose, thus, having a worry-free form of security starts with a dependable fence. The function of the fence relies on the person who wants the security.

If the priority is to keep our little ones secured and safe while playing, you could not afford to build a palisade, right? The simplest form of security fencing is the fence around their playground. Its purpose is to secure the playing toddlers within their boundaries. It seems very elementary for some but not for others.

Residential security is the most common purpose of a security fence. It’s a way to prevent possible burglars or unwanted Intruders from entering the backyard; hence, coming close to houses. By fixing a security fence, it serves as a warning to these infiltrators that you won’t be an easy target.

Reinforcing Security With Fences

Some build a fence with a vertical line design so the handgrip on climbing will be difficult. Palisades are a form of security fences in this design with a sharpened end.

Others even go to the extent of using DIY glass shards on their solid fences such as wooden or timber fencing. However, anti-climb devices are also popular like barbed wire and razor spikes. Public security is evident in using security fences during construction.

One, it’s used to enclose the new rise in-process and limit public exposure. But it’s also a preventive measure to avoid hazards from the public. Wooden hoarding is a common example. On some construction sites, it’s used to lessen visual exposure of the new building and avoid thieves from eyeing and stealing tools.

Choosing a High Security Fence for Apartments and Commercial Spaces

In places such as apartment complexes, metal hoarding is used. It’s a long term option that gives security and privacy to tenants.

Of all the possible purposes of using a security fence, the one that’s required the most is around prison yards. The high-security fence not only prevents possible intrusion from outside but also prevents inmates from escaping. Commonly, the fence is like a mesh panel and palisade type in height with boosted security add-ons such as barbed wires and electric pulses.

Another possible property requiring security fence of high standards are educational institutions. Aside from protecting a large number of lives within the property, it hugely reduces vandalism around schools too. Industrial plants also use this type of fence to avoid trespassers and contain business within premises.