Everyone dreams of buying their own place in the sun. Providing you with a personal retreat to escape the stresses of modern life, a holiday home should also be seen as a fantastic investment opportunity. After all, the property is likely to be completely unoccupied for most of the year, leaving you free to rent it out to other holidaymakers for a tidy profit.

While many Brits will fork out for holiday homes in Spain, France and other exotic European destinations, there are plenty of other fantastic places to explore much closer to home. Whether you’re hoping to relax by the coast, enjoy a quick city break or soak up the glorious British countryside, the UK is jam-packed with popular tourist areas.

Since the confusion surrounding Brexit is causing house prices to stagnate, this could actually be a great time for potential buyers to have a look at property developments in these areas, especially if they plan on making a long-term staycation investment. So, we’ve compiled a quick list of the best places to buy a holiday home in the UK this year:


Although you might crave the heat of the Portuguese coast, the gorgeous greenery of Yorkshire makes it an incredibly popular choice for potential staycationers. Boasting rolling green fields, lush national parks, historical architecture and even some beautiful seaside locations, this part of the country offers quaint cottages and log cabins for you to relax in.

Nestled snugly between the Pennines, North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales and the North East coast, holidaymakers are never short of exciting places to explore; while the small rural villages and fun-filled sea-side towns are full of interesting attractions and days out. Whether you’re looking to explore the traditional British landscape or simply enjoy some fresh country air, Yorkshire has always been a great place to buy a holiday home.

Perfect for: holidaymakers who want to escape to the countryside.

Lake District

Offering panoramic views and an endless number of gorgeous country trails, the Lake District has always been something of a tourist hot-spot. Regularly attracting holiday-makers from all over the world, owning property in the Lakes can quickly become very profitable indeed, particularly if you’ve bought a home around Ambleside or Windermere.

Littered with beautifully peaceful bodies of water, fresh rolling hills and towering mountain ridges, the Lake District often acts as the epitome of the British countryside. Ideal for tourists in search of a bit of peace and quiet, this scenic part of the country has always been packed with character and, more importantly, that unmistakable British charm.

Perfect for: holidaymakers who enjoy gorgeous views and long hikes.


Cornwall has become such a popular destination for second-homes in recent times, the entire area often seems a little deprived outside of holiday season. Although this undoubtedly frustrates many of the locals, Cornwall’s popularity is simply down to the fact it’s such a beautiful part of the country, with the stunning beaches and seaside towns serving up a truly classic British holiday.

Throughout the spring and summer, the Cornish coast is often bathed in sunshine, providing holidaymakers with clear blue skies and higher temperatures. Of course, this is still very much a part of Britain, so weather patterns can still be unpredictable, but Cornwall always offers a landscape of the utmost beauty; serving up the ultimate combination of sand, sea and good old-fashioned British countryside.

Perfect for: holidaymakers dreaming of relaxing by the coast.


For those hoping to enjoy a city break from time to time, Edinburgh needs to be one of the first locations for you to consider. Serving up stunning architecture, a thriving night-life and the largest (and best) arts festival in the world, the Scottish capital has always been a popular destination for tourists; particularly during the festival season.

Whether you’re hoping to buy in Marchmont, Leith or right in the middle of the city centre, property in Edinburgh certainly presents an unmissable investment opportunity. Tourists are always on the look-out for places to stay, with accommodation typically hard to come by when thousands travel up for The Fringe every August; allowing you to make a very tidy profit by renting out your second home during these in-demand times of the year.

Of course, you’ll also be able to enjoy the festival yourself, while also visiting at other times of the year to explore the castle, zoo, museum or whatever else takes your fancy in this lively city.
Perfect for: holidaymakers who love a good city break.