In America, more than 54 million people suffer from joint pain. These millions of cases of joint pain stem from a variety of reasons including arthritis, sprains, tendon and ligament tears, and accidents. The most common way of dealing with these joint pains is nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. For more severe cases doctors may prescribe steroids and, in the severest of instances, even opioids.

The issue with such medication is the side effects associated with prolonged usage. The potential for addiction of opioids is plaguing the world today and while nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may not be addictive, they do take a toll on the liver and have other side effects. Furthermore, some of the side effects of steroids could even be permanent if the usage is too prolonged.

Due to this potential for addiction and the potential side effects, more and more people are turning to nutritional supplements. Even athletes are turning to supplements to ease joint pain and rebuild cartilage. There are various brands in the market but one name has recently stood out, Joint Regen.


Joint Regen is a supplement that consists of vitamins, minerals, herbs and naturally occurring ingredients. The team behind the supplement aimed for a multi pronged approach that has a powerful impact. The overall aim of Joint Regen is not just to soothe pain, but also rebuild damaged tissue.

Joint Regen consists of 12 ingredients; Glucosamine Sulfate HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate, Cetyl Myristoleate, Methylsulfonylmethane, Boswellia Serrata extract, Boron, Piperine, Vitamin C, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Chromium. It has been claimed that these ingredients promote the repair, regeneration, and maintenance of joints, tendons, and tissue fibers. The added benefit is that these ingredients will also have their individual and combined effects other parts of your overall health.

Classified as a dietary supplement, Joint Regen comes in capsule form in a bottle of 120 capsules. The recommended dosage is 4 capsules a day (2 in the morning and 2 at night).


Now that we’ve read about what Joint Regen is, let’s weigh the pros and cons. First and foremost, you have quantity and quality. With 12 ingredients you have a good quantity of dietary supplements which include the 3 main dietary supplements for joint pain relief, MSM, glucosamine sulfate, and chondroitin sulfate. You have quality when you consider the comprehensive and multi pronged approach which is clearly ahead of other brands in the market, as far as dietary supplements are concerned.

Furthermore, the pill is entirely made up of natural supplements. There is no synthetic pharmaceutical in Joint Regen and one of the naturally occurring compounds, CMO, is being considered as a revolutionary discovery in natural supplements for joint pain. Also, while not a pharmaceutical, the pill does aim for long-term relief from joint pain and injuries. It’s also quite affordable, costing consumers a little more than $1 a day.

As far as the cons are concerned, while the pill would offer you relief, it could take up to 60 days before you notice any real relief from the pain. Inflammation would go down quite a bit within a few days, but overall relief would be at a later stage.